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Why we should remain humble...

Just looking through my "favorites list" and saw this myspace link i had saved...this girl i was dating at the time showed me this when i got my bike, happened only a month ago or so. This guy was doing 120 on North Lake Blvd. in SoFl with no helmet on(helmet was hanging from the side of his bike).

I don't know if it will have the same affect for you guys, but i read most of the messages with the girl who showed it to me and it was well...humbling to say the least. Stay safe and wear your gear/don't be stupid...i don't want to ever have to hear about this happening to anyone.

"u and that bike were the long run it separated u from all of us that loved u so much.....dont worry we will all be up there one day to have good times again like we used u"

"the thing u were most proud of ended up killing u....god i wish i would have stoped u in the hall that afternoon and told u to take ur time...oh god...why...i cant even look at this picture with out feeling sick to my stomach.....god damn i hate that bike...i wish someone would have slit ur tires that day...ill never forget u...oh god why did u leave us...i be at ur funeral...i gotta stay strong though...i gotta help other people through this...but i just wish u were still there..."

"i HATE THAT BiKE!!!!!! "
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