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Re: Exhaust for EX500

Originally posted by sdawg83
So I just bought a '91 Ex500 (my first bike) and am absolutely loving it. I have started saving up for my next bike. In the meantime, I have ridden my buddies FZR600 and love the way his yoshimura exhaust sounds. What options are there for the 1991 EX500 as far as exhaust goes? Some performance gain would be nice, but I guess it would mostly be for a deeper sound. Also, I think I would just go with a slip on to save on time and money (might only keep the bike a few more months… maybe longer if I can afford another bike without having to sell this one).
I had a 92 and put a Muzzy on it. They do not sound like a 600 as has already been mentioned but it sounded good. Deep throaty, and loud when you get on it! None of my riding buddies liked riding behind me.
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