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newbie over here.

hey everyone. i joined the site a few months ago, but i never really came on it. my name is cory, i live in coral springs, florida.

im 18, i only have a car at the moment... i am trying to get a bike, i need to wait til my dad and i move to our new house so i can have a garage to park it in.. but no one is supporting me on buying a bike. i got the guilt trip from my dad that if i get hurt or get killed, it will kill him too.

he said, im 18, i can do what i want with my money and im an adult now and can make my own decisions.

i've been told by many that I act way older than my actual age, i have a clean driving record. i've never been in trouble with the law. i am financially stable and i have great credit. so my maturity levels are fine.

the kind of bike i'm looking for is a gsxr 600 or 750, maybe a zx6r or maybe a cbr600 .. ireally don't need or want anytihng bigger than 750.

thanks guys.
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