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LOL Newbies can be so dumb

Despite all of the great advice on these forums about getting your 1st bike,Newbies still love to buy liter bikes.I sold sportbikes for a year in NC. and I always told these rich newbies to start on a smaller cc bike due to there lack of skill,but they cant resist the ZX10r and gixxer 1000.....more often then not the once beautiful sportbikes come back to the shop, not for there first sevice,but in the back of there daddys pickup truck...These newbies dont even wear leathers......I believe as long as there are newbies on 1000cc bikes will all have or see these stories for many years to come...Oh by the way I remember a newbie on a zx10r,he was killed on impact by an 18 wheeler when he got to brave...Please if your new to our sport respect these machines and when You wreck we all this spring when you buy a new bike do your research,it could save your life.
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