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OK, I know everyone says not to start out on a new top of the line 600, but I think I might be a different case. I've raced motocross since I was 5. I'm 15 and Ill be 16 in February. I currently race 250B on a CRF450. I want to get an 06 CBR600RR next spring when I can get my motorcycle license, I've ben saving my money for a while and have enough for about half of it, and Ill just make payments on the rest. Now I know this is where you say, motocross is different from street riding. BUT, early spring this year I converted my CRF250 into a supermoto bike and have been riding it around on the streets and have had a few scares on it, but I think I handled it well, no wrecks or anything. So I have some street experience, and I'll definately be taking the MSF course and I wont be doin stupid shit like wheelies and stunting and stuff. So should I still start off on a smaller bike? I'm thinking SV650S, but I hate the look of it without lower fairings. Any opinions would be appreciated and taken into consideration. Thanks.
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