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arif CBRF4
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Yup you heard right!!

after nearly 2 months of being robbed off my F4, several test rides from on all sorts of bikes, and several emails to tony (cbrf2boy) and robert for advice i have a new ride.

its a 1993 Suzuki GSXR750 in the blue/white color scheme.(20+ K miles) its got a V&H full system and a stage1 jet kit. it also has a steering damper on it.

the bike is overall pretty clean. however, i think it needs a new valve cover/gasket since there is some oil leaking in there. hopefully shouldnt be anything major.

i just couldnt bear not being able to ride and the wait for next years R1 was killing me so for $2250 i picked up the gsxr.

i expected the bike to be more on the heavier side but for some reason it feels real compact. pretty easy to throw around in the turns and overall not a bad bike.

i will be putting it to the test in the canyons next weekend followed by a track day on labor day weekend so that should be exciting and more revealing about the bikes personality.

its just good to be back in the saddle again and i guess it would be seeing a great amount of track time even though its going to be real bulky and outdated but heck its all for the fun, right?

anyways thought i'd just share the new toy with you all...

everyone ride safe!


p.s. i would like to thank tony (cbrf2boy) for his constant advice and guidance over the last month or so. he really helped me out in making a decision with his wealth of technical knowledge. thanks alot bro!!

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