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Hey Mr. Valentine 1!

Which Tuesday? Tomorrow the 15th? If it's in the evening, I can make it. Where is the meeting held? Is it sportbikes, or mixed? Harley's or not? Gotta know whether or not to bathe before I show up...I like to fit in 'ya know. Seriously though,, I've never heard of this organization. Tell me more. BTW, it's not one of those "religious" kind of things, is it? This is important to me as I'm not a very religious person. Just a real nice guy with a loose right wrist! See 'ya later, Mr. 39 and counting! Just kidding.!!!!!! BTW, I took defensive driving this past Saturday. It was horrible. The instructor was a 75 year old man who meant well. When he wasn't having flashbacks about the Korean war, he was semi-amusing, but oh man, was he boring. 'Till next time....cheers.

"Do you know how fast you were going, son?" "Gee officer, if I guess right, can I go home?"
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