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Poll: Should we have stiffer licensing procedures ?
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Should we have stiffer licensing procedures ?

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Originally posted by Tristan

I'm no expert on the Hurt report, but I do recall that alcohol and unliscenced riders are very well represented in motorcycling deaths. These people will be totally unaffected by any more regulation.
I am familiar with the Hurt study. I am also familiar with most of the national statistics involving motorcycle deaths. (I wrote a thesis on helmet laws for a law class.)
Yes, alcohol and unlicensed riders attribute to many motorcyclist deaths, but often times it is the other motorist (autos) that cause the accident, be it from alcohol, inattention, or just plain stupidness when dealing with motorcyclists. Safety courses are designed to teach motorcyclists not only to ride with safety on their part, but to also compensate for the problems associated with other motorists.

Maybe safety courses shouldn't be mandatory for riders. Maybe it is too expensive (it only cost me $50) or it takes too long to get into a class. And maybe you will never be involved in a life threatening accident. But when it comes down to it, what is the cost if you are? You may have learned something in that class that could have prevented it.

(If you are wondering, my thesis concluded that helmets should be optional even though I wear one by choice.) But if they are going to regulate something, I'd rather they make motorcycle safety mandatory for EVERYONE. That includes better safety training to deal with motorcyclists for motorists too.
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Wasn't the Hurt report from over 30 yrs ago?

FYI, my mandated driving test under Tenn state law consisted of performing a figure 8 around a light pole in the parking lot next to the THP liscensing center. The officer walked back into the building as soon as I started on the bike. She didn't even watch me. That is crap. The officers will even tell you that the test is a joke.

Who you callin Safety Nazi? Oh sorry, they call me that at work sometimes. I guess it goes with the title.
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Cool Personal freedom Vs Public safety

Here in New Zealand, we have a Three stage system for getting your bike ticket.

Learners - 6mths, 250cc or smaller, max 70kmh, L plate.

Restricted - 12mths, 250cc or smaller, time can be reduced to 6mths with advanced course.


I went through this system and don't feel suppressed by the state.

One of the negative things that this systems tends to overcome, is the pressure new riders put themselves under to keep up with the big boys, and for them to buy the toys before they are able to handle them.

I don't think any system will keep everybody happy, I would rather err on the side of caution, and mabey save a few lives, at the risk of pissing a few others off.

Before I got into Bikes, I had some misconceptions about them, like the power output, handling, counter steering etc etc etc.

Looking back, I am glad I did go through it, I think it made a better rider out of me, I was allowed to be a "learner" and not expected to be anything else. I didn't spend my time blasting past other bikes scraping pegs, cause I couldn't, I spent my time learning to master the puss bucket, and dreaming of my real bike.

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Angry How much you wanna bet.............

that if some form of mandatory class was imposed on us, that the price of the darn thing would go up?! You would think that in the interest of "safety" the price would drop, be it a govt. run thing, or private runned thing. Just look at what happened with auto insurance when it became law to have it. Everyone was sure that the price would drop, since a lot more people would be buying it, so the companies would be able to lower the rates, right? Bull Hockey, I say! The State and Federal govt mean, bodies, are constantly looking for new programs to fund, and new ways of getting our hard earned dollar. F-'em.
Ok, I'm done venting.......I just wrote out about $2k in bills, half of it being a check to the blood sucking IRS. Bastards.
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Gov. control

Ok, I'm all for keeping the government out of my life as much as possible. However there is one thing that we who are free thinkers are forgetting. With the freedom to do what you want to do comes responsibility and quite frankly there are too few people willing to step up to the responsibility part of freedom. I see nothing wrong with adding certain common sense stipulations that are to be met before we indulge in a freedom, whether that be a tiered licensing system for ALL motor vehicle operators, helmet usage, or gun ownership/usage. The thing is, who gets to decide who is acting responsibly and who isn't? The answer to that is simple, our legislatures pass laws to address those who are irresponsible. Never forget ---- My freedom to swing my fist ends where your nose begins.
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Make it EASY! More motorcyclists on the road means more acceptance for motorcyclists. Once you open the regulation can of worms, you get the idea in people's heads that motorcycles need extra special regulation, and before you know it, you are having horsepower limits and all kinds of extra garbage, like the British system. Now you're not allowed to buy that new Hayabusa, ZX-12, or GSXR-1000. I'm telling you, once you get them started... you'll be sorry.

That being said, if we have a bunch of newbies out there on R1's getting killed, the rest of us are going to get slapped hard with restrictions in response to that. Make a regulation but make it lenient. Something like, in your first 8 months you can have any bike so long as it is not over 750cc AND over 100hp. If it is over one but not the other, leave 'em alone. A single cc limit is arbitrary legal crap: some guy isn't allowed to get a Harley Sportster (883) but it's fine if he gets a GSXR-750. Uh huh.

What need for a MSF test? Just make the DMV written test and riding test include more knowledge and skills. Problem solved.
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Smile poll

This one may suprise many of you.......
I voted for ths MSF course as part of the liscensing procedure but......{theres always the but} when you sell them and you want to feel out a potential customer,and the story begins"I used to ride dirt bikes"
I start thinking victim number 47.....I mean I got a resemblece of a concience. Of all these stories I am not about to tell....when you sell one on a Saturday and the guys come back in next week telling you your last customer is dead it makes you wonder,it has gotten so bad, try to get full coverage from your friendly Allstate rep. You can buy Liability but not collision, on any sport bike. It is frustrating,if it starts out with CBR,GSX-RorF,FZR,YZF or ZX on full coverage. It should almost be tiered,if not natural selection will take its course.....

damn all this talking/typing crap I'm going riding...
which one
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It depends on if your asking if it is to easy to get a license or purchase the bike. To the first my answer is yes I was able to obtain my motorcycle endorsement at the age of 15. I could not legally ride yet but I did have the endorsement ready to go for the day i turned 16. To the second no it isn't. I recently purchashed my newest bike a CB1000. It was the most difficult thing I believe I have ever gone through. I was able to purchase a new car and a house but I could not get a $5,000 loan to get my dream, but through hard work and my wife's patience I finally prevailed!!!!!
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Originally posted by FZR400Tony
i wanna see tiered licensing so i can buy a new cbr400rr!!!

Damn straight, maybe we could get some of the cool little bikes here in the states if there was a tiered system????????????
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Originally posted by Squidwannabe
I think so.

I choose MSF course.
I agree the MSF course should be required in order to getting a license.
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