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Originally posted by Vash
I was under the impression that 600's all topped out in the 150's, but I might be wrong.
Are you kidding? My 97 F3 with -1 +2 gearing tops out at around 158. That is with a speedo healer by the way. If I had stock gearing I could easily break 160, and my bike is 8 years old.

And ZX6R1033, cops are getting really tricky. I was on the highway yesterday and I saw two bikes going the opposite way. The riders were tucked in and they were easily going over 120. Just a little behind them was a state trooper with no lights on (this is in the evening, it's getting real dark and every other car has their lights on). They wait until they're right on your ass until they flip the lights on. I've even heard stories about NY cops cutting off bikes they want to pull over then jamming on the brakes so the biker has to concentrate on not hitting the cop instead of running.

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