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ok, ive been thinking about this whole first bike thing....
and no one ever asks to start on ducatis....
but i was thinking the other day, and i had some thoughts

take a 748 for example, its way heavier than 600s, but, down on power too. also, its a v-twin, so it wouldnt be that peaky of an engine and it also has about the same rake angle of any of the other 600s, so wouldnt that be a more suitable bike for a beginner than an r6?????or 600RR??? ( forgetting about the costs)

not saying that i would advise this, or think about it, but, i was just thinking about it the other day...

as for your questions, i dont think you'll find too many people (or anyone for that matter) that will advise you to start on any race replica (R6, 600RR, zx-6RR, gsxr600, zx636), the F4i is a better bike for a beginner. you dont need a lot of power in a beginner bike. you need to learn how to ride a m/c, not hang on to one.

the popular bikes that people start on are all 500cc twins. also, the sv650 is a good beginner bike as well, and if you dont like those, you could always look at the new er650 from kawasaki (that will be a while before those come out though).

i dont exactly know why bmws, ducatis, mv agustas, etc. are more expensive, but i assume it has to deal with the fact that they are european, and they have the prestige. remember, bmw was making bikes far before making cars.
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