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no Sun city is the retirement area, Im 31 Great ideas for both of you! I havent bought the chain yet but i do plan to. GOnna grab a U Bolt as well. I had considered an alarm until i read alot of articles on them making no difference.

Any other ideas?

Originally posted by Mr.TrevorClever
Get frame sliders and swingarm spools, because they save your bike and add to the racing look. do not take off your mirrors or upgrade to some other kind. for one you need to know when someone's gonna rearend you or if there's an asshole on your tail, and secondly if you ever drop your bike the mirrors are the first to go. Tinted windscreens usually look good. Taking off all the reflectors makes the bike look better, but being visible and safe is your call. I would leave all the decals on until something bad happens, then you can replace with something different or repaint the bike.

Im looking at alarms and a big chain, have you purchased either yet? don't know what the crime stats are like in Suprise. Isnt that a retirment community? Are you a senior?

Nice bike Gramps
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