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reason to start small

Witnessed first hand yesterday why people should start out on smaller bikes. I'm at training for my job and there was class of new highers having a class at the same time. During some breaks we all usualy go out back and stand at back door Well one of the new highers is going off about he had just bought a new Honda 919 and it was his first bike dirt or strip. Someone told him to be carefull with it and he just blew them off and saw what ever I can do it. So at lunch break we're all staning out side again and he comes ripping by on it, stops and rips full throttle into the bike. Well the bike wheelies he freaks and hammers even harder on the throttle, the bike the proceeds to flip not once but 6 times dragging him along for the ride. When all is done he's lying there with road rash all over his hands both sides and his looks like anatomy photograph from highschool science classes. So people should just remeber this incident when they think they can handle a big bike for their first one.
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