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First off props to newenough. it is an awsome store.

I've never ridder the 500 or 250, but I am of the school that doesnt believe in proper break-in. I think the worst thing for a new engine is dronning it at constant rpm. Change speeds often, let the engine brake often, and to hell with what rpm you are running in. I've done that with my z1k, I've done that with my zx10, and I'll do it with my next bike too. If you want to full article the slaps is talking about google motoman.

As for apt. and maintanance, I dont find it to be much of a problem. I change oil at my apt regulalry, without any problem. For anything major like a valve adjust I do take it to my friends house where I can use a garage.

The biggest problem with leaving a bike at an apt building is that its inviting for every joe shmoe to come and play with it. I came home one night and found my bike laying on its side. Talk about being upset.

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