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Lightbulb The n00b versus the 250 thread~

Hi folks!

Let me start off saying this is my first post here, so don't be too awful hard on me. Although, I tend to appreciate a good bit of sarcasm I've been lurking the board for about a week or two and have gotten a great deal of information already, and want to go on about my final buying decision for a bit.

I'm sure everyone will be excited to hear that I'm thinking of a Kaw 600RR *cough* I mean 250 or 500r. I'd prefer to find a late model low milage 500r (missed an '03 with 7k miles for $3200 by a week ), but in the event that I can't find that in an acceptable amount of time I think a new 250 would also be acceptable. Although I wouldn't turn my nose up at a well maintained used one either. I've checked out the ex500riders and ninja250riders websites, and still have a couple of questions that I couldn't find good answers to. (btw, how about the message board layout on that 250riders site? )

First off, I'm only about 150lbs, so I know the 250 won't have any trouble at all cartinng my ass around. But if I stick with this and really start to enjoy riding, I expect I'll want to take some long trips (getting ahead of myself, but I'm talking about Austin -> Las Vegas in November if I'm comfortable with it by then, which means an awful lot of practice inbetween now and then) and at 6 feet even, I know it's going to be uncomfortable. The only question is would the 250 be less comfortable than the 500? When I sat on them I thought the 500 seemed to have a little more space, but I might've just been making that up. The other concern is how the 250 would feel after 10+ hours of straight highway time, at 9k+ rpm? The folks on the 250riders site seem to think it makes an excellent highway bike for the most part, with just a few dissenting opinions, but for some reason I trust what I read here more. Some of them also recommend gearing the bike a little longer.

That brings me to my next point. I'm not a mechanic. I never even changed my own oil in my old beater, and certainly not in the new cage. I also live in an apartment, so even if I decided that I wanted to learn to work on the bike, I've got nowhere other than the apartment parking lot to do it, so that severely limits what I can do. So any maintenance that I want done will have to be done by some shop or other. Maybe the new 250 would serve me better here? Maybe it would be a bigger pain in the ass because I have to do the break in myself?

I've already got my riding gloves and boots, a friend of mine is going to hook me up with an 'open box' set of leathers for cheap, that should fit me. I'm taking the MSF course this weekend, and have my financing taken care of. I also found a cover for the bike since it'll be living outdoors for the most part. The only thing that isn't wrapped up is a helmet, or the leathers in the case that the ones from my buddy don't fit, but newenough has some affordable stuff that looks like it should do the job.

Right, so what is my question again? With all that in mind can you folks think of any reason why I might be hugely disappointed with a 250 such that I'd be better off waiting for a good deal on a 500 no matter how long it took? I'm planning on waiting until the end of May in any case, so it's a ways off. Also, any suggestions from folks who have experience combining a motorcycle with apartment living that may make my foray into the world of two wheeled wonder a bit easier?

I know I know, so many words. Madness! If anyone bothers to read all that, let alone give me some useful advice I'll be impressed. I guess I just figured I'd get it all out of the way at once. At least I'm no

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