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Re: ZX-6R as a starter bike?

Originally posted by wombat7
I know some of you are going to get upset and tell me to search, but I did and I didn't get any data that seemed to help me. I am looking to get my first street bike and right now one of my top two choices are a Yamaha R6 and a Ninja ZX-6R. If you have ever ridden both, what are your opinions, and what are your opinions on a ZX-6R as a first street bike? I have basic riding background as I have ridden dirtbikes before. I also plan on taking a MSF course before getting the bike.
I have a coworker that just started riding on an R6, and after the MSF course he is doing great. As long as you can keep the testosterone in check and get comfortable on the bike I think a 600 is a good choice. Docile enough at small throttle openings to not be too overwhelming, but more than enough there to keep you interested at least as long as your 5-year loan on it.
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