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Yeah, I've been thinking it over and decided with the work I'm putting in to it to go with the 500 (which btw I can't even reach the ground on stock). I do still plan on shaving the seat down a bit though.

Well, just for future reference in the search function an update:

From Adjustment Tech Racing in regards to the EX500:
You need #cc150. Kit is adjustable, can lower up to 4 inches if you want. The nose becomes an issue. The bars are not hollow so you can't lower the front but woodcraft makes bar risers so you can lower the front.
From the woodcraft site, the numbers for the necessary risers on a 94+ ex 500
Woodcraft Clipons - EX250/500 Clipon Risers 37mm #12-0237
Looks like I'm going this route. I'll let you guys know how it turns out. The dealership's never done this before so they're learning with me. I'll have a final parts list and measurements when the project's done. I know the short person thing comes up a lot...
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