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I used to install high purity water systems and living in Indiana gave me the manufacturing view of most major car companies. Ford was one.

Because of the Union impact to the Ford plants, I spent countless, paid hours standing around waiting for union laborers to show up. It wasn't that they were busy, as could be seen by the large number of their brethren standing around the maintenance shops and machinery, it was that they had so many breaks and hiding spots that getting timely service was all but impossible. Smoking at machinery that used large quantities of cutting oil explained to me the logic that these folks carried.

I question how quality product could result from such careless, lackadaisical environments in the first place.

Contrast that with Subaru-Isuzu and Toyota, where there really was a team mentality in place and service was not only fast, but among the most experienced I'd encountered in all industries.

Once upon a time I was an IBEW member (summer internship) and I learned that these groups no longer stand for what they were created, but rather to protect those who didn't deserve protection.

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