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Drifting advice.

Well winter what it is, I gotta drive around. The roads are wet, and I gotta have alittle fun. This is my first truck, and for some reason I never really drifted a car before. So here is where i am.

Come into the corner abit hot, clutch in, Brake enough to transfer the weight to the front, dump the clutch with enough gas to get the rear spinning.
The read end slides out behind me, perfectly almost putting me 90deg from the direction I am trying to go. I keep the front tires aimed at the direction I want to end up in, keeping the rear tires spinning. So far so good.

Here is where the problem starts coming in. The rear end starts to come back around and inline with the road. But it over shoots and results in a suden jerk when it has to change direction again, and a few more swivels later I am where I want to be.

Is there anyway to bring it back smooth, no jerking?

Any advice would be appritiated.

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