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Originally posted by docta_freeze
the hyperpros are junk! check the reviews, had a buddy who wrecked with a hyperpro and the thing wont work anymore.. I love my scotts on the 954 and my buddy wouldnt ride his 10r without one.. I plan on putting one on my 600rr which is needed from what ive heard if you are really pushing or doing wheelies all the time..
I am not endorsing one over another in terms of how they work. You can pull all the wheelies you want and a steering damper is going to do nothing for you. Who'd you talk to? A fellow squid? Right.

Scott's is a good damper for a racer. So is Hyperpro. If you damage any steering damper it should be replaced, so your comment about Hyperpro not working after it was "wrecked" (stunting I assume, right?) would apply to the Scotts as well. Pulling wheelies is stunting, and NO damper will help you do that any better, and if it is not adjusted properly it could kill you.

Soctt's is easiest to install. But it is too expensive for street use (translation: not needed, especially on a Kawasaki) and for a squid application it is totally useless. Try a frontal lobotomy.

You may be able to buy a used damper from your local race organization, from a racer with extra parts (which they all probably have extra parts). Put an ad in their newsletter or call one of the organization's officers and ask, they may be able to hook you up with a good source to buy one.


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