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Originally posted by heather_g26
1 - i don't lie or decieve.
2 - nope, not thinking that
3 - never invaded "peoples privacy"
4 - assume = you are an ass
5 - never invaded yours
6 - so you admit that it wasn't just harmless bashing
7 - you don't know me, who you you know & what you know show why you come to conclusions like you have
8 - i never even modded anything on that site until friday. not once ever. this was in response to what happened.
9 - there never were any bridges, that's the best thing about it

Merry Christmas? Thanks!

First off... what you said right there is such BULLSHIT i cant even respond... yes u do lie-- your doing it right now... yes you are a mod nazi... what kills me isthe proof is black and white... and you still continue to fight.... your like a fish out of water, flopping around until someone puts you out of your misery...

and by the way u can count! awesome... now-- next time-- put valid points next to them instead of stupidity... then we could call it an outline... Until then, is just fun with numbers and you're ZERO...

have a nice night.
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