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Originally posted by fuster
sfarson, Harley does not make motorcycles. Those you say are "smitten" are in love not with a motorcycle but with a "lifestyle accessory". If you want one, go buy one. Bring tools and 24 hour towing!

Show me your source of data for your statement that a V-Rod outsells all other types of bike in Europe. I want to verify that, because it sounds like false information to me.
Well, it is clear you're coming from emotion and not fact. Too bad you broadstroke all H-D riders the same. One could say the same about sportbike riders... buying the lifestyle. Too bad you think I've needed tools and 24 hour towing. Wrong again. Your loss. Zero problems in four years. Can't say that about my BMW. Can say that about my Honda which I'm also smitten with.

Reread the post. I didn't say the V-Rod outsells all other types of bikes in Europe.
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