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The VTX I have test ridden. I would like to see a touring version made with hard bags, etc. It is very long, longer than a Goldwing. Slow speed maneuvering is, well, very deliberate. But if you like instant power without having to downshift, this is a bike to consider. I initially wanted to wait until it was out a few years, now it has, and no major bugs in it. I like the looks, and it is shaft drive which theirs works well with this big power motor.

I went onto a VTX owner's web site once and chatted with some owners about long distance riding (which is what I like to do). One person could say he rode distances I considered "long" for a day's ride, and he had some previous credentials riding other bikes long distance, he felt it was a good one all day in the saddle. And less than half the price of a V-Rod.

Look, the V-Rod is way overpriced. I know a couple of persons who have it. If they want to pay over $27,000 for what is basically old technology by today's water cooled bike engine standards, in an over raked chassis that to me looks like a toilet, that is great (for Harley anyway). If I was going to throw money away on a cruiser, it would not be that bike, because I am just lining the pockets of Harley executives and I just don't care for the bike at all. And like I said, any Japanese or European company could make the same thing and put their "race" engine in the bike, and it would totally spank anything Harley tried to put out. Puleeze! Harley can't compete with Japan or Polaris in terms of power production from their main line of twins. So their response is sort of like Ford putting a Formula One race engine in their Crown Victoria because they can't match a Chevy for power (only the Ford race engine would not be a P.O.S. like the Hardley VR1000). And the Japanese have proven they have the designers to put out "cruiser" bikes that look more(/as) appealing than a Harley. So has, finally, Victory. The only reason left for most folks to buy Harleys is they want the name recognition. And like a magazine recently commented, if that is what you have to fall back on to sell your product, it is pathetic. At least charge a fair price.


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