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Originally posted by izzybo69
BWAHAHAHAHA That is the funniest thing i've read in a while!

Coming from someone who works on alot of bikes,(including Hardleys) that is one motorcyle i would nevere ever ever buy!

They are just junk! Period! Not debating it!
Have you ever ridden one? I just want to know if they really handle like some uber wet dream...

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I think the ladies would like them as the ones I've been on vibrate like a mother f*cker at a stop. And personally they didnt handle that well but thats just my opinoin.
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Re: Buell Blasts are A-OK

Originally posted by Blastoholic
LOL...beleive what you will. But the Buell Blast is on record as one of the most Relaible Buells ever made.

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA When in competition with other HD products... it may be the best. When in competition with every other bike on the road, it will always be a HD product.

Ive never gotten the urge to buy a HD product, and I would never recommend one to anyone, friend or foe. But there will always be people who just want a loud bike to cruise around town with. Maybe that is why they dont notice the reliability issues? Personally, I enjoy being able to ride 1000+ miles a weekend without thinking "do I know anyone with a truck that lives around here? I might need a ride. "

I always heard the greatest accessory a HD owner could buy is a van/trailer to get them home.

95% of the HDs ever made are still on the road. The rest made it home.

exc exc exc. They all appear to be jokes, but thats just so we dont piss the HD owners off. If they think its all fun and games, it avoids problems for everyone.
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Re: Re: Buell Blasts are A-OK

Originally posted by ZX6R1033
...95% of the HDs ever made are still on the road. The rest made it home...

In God, we trust; all others must provide data.
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Yea vash, i have rode one. My fiance lokked at one she wanted to buy, till i put my foot down!

They handle good, kinda like a bandit 400, but with only 30 hp and a single cylinder, i would much rather have the bandit.

I have still never, ever found anyone who can tell me one reason to buy HD over any other bike. And befor someone jumps in and say's RESALE value, ima go ahead and call BS. My friend bought an 03 HD softail standard, 100th aneversary, under three thousand miles, pipe,bars,taillight integrater, and power commander, and he just sold it and only got $12,300! He lost over 5 grand in two years. That sucks!
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Some days are like this.
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Resale value of a Blast? $0!!!!! Noone wants to buy them, and the dealers won't take them back on consignment since they are already swamped with them!

I have to say that if I had it to do all over again, I WOULD NOT buy the Blast, because contrary to its name, it in't.

"I often wonder why I talk to you, then I realize, although you put me down, you do it with love." - Jester
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It's not great handling, but pretty good. Mostly due to the sixteen in wheels, light weight, and short wheelbase. It's got pretty responsive brakes (front and rear disk, although singles). No real power to speak of. But, for what HD wanted, and Eric Buell was tasked, it is a decent bike. Harley felt they were losing to the imports in the entry level department. So, the Blast was designed to suit the entry level concerns. It's simple to operate, handles well (I didn't say it handles uber awesome, but well) and is relatively easy to maintain.

My wife was driving circles around folks when she took her MSF course, and she's only ridden a couple hundred miles. Now... taking that sucker out on the road? Well... at 225 lbs... I'm not doing it again. After years of over 140 hp and 75 lb ft of torque, I CAN NOT ride something that low on power again! I fealt at the mercy of everything, including the wind, with only pretty good handling to my favor. Put a suspension under it, more power, better pegs, better transmission, multiple cylinder motor, dual disk front brakes, a better (lower) set of bars, a modern headlight, and exhaust that doesn't stop you from driving out of your driveway, a carberator that isn't made from spare parts of forgetten vehicles, and a few other things ( like mirrors that aren't out on stalks so all they can do is shake ) on it, and you have a half decent starter bike. Or... you just buy something else.

In defense of the Blast, I'd like to say, they made a bike capable of gaining the trust of a beginner. But the beginner needs to go from the DMV or MSF course to a dealer, and get a more roadworthy bike afterwards.

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2005 YZF R6 track bike - Graves full exhaust, Race Tech suspension
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hmm it all sounds too me like this thread is full of people who
a) wish they had a bike and can do nothing but talk about those who have one
b) who have a bike that looks like every other bike out there and is talking out of their ass about information they have heard from their friends
c) who probably wanted one but just couldnt find one because they live in zulu land and dont know what a real twisted raod looks like because all they do is ride around on a staright dirt road all day in front of their farm.
d) post a lot because they dont really enjoy riding their bike so they just talk about what they were gonna do but didnt do because theyre probably sick of the SAME straight road or have to ride 100 miles to the nearest curve to do U-turns and ride it all day.

I have had waaaaay more compliments on the Bolt then I have had on my CBR. Funny no one ever comes up to me and talks about the bike in a negative way, in fact Ive only been approached by those who are curious about the bike and those who love the bike. Im glad I dont have to lube my chain anymore, or tighten my chain. Did I mention I dont have to keep my RPM's up in traffic, oh yea I also get better fuel economy than my CBR got, it holds a high resale value if I ever did want to sell it- sorry guys Im taking it to my grave, IMO I love the throaty sound it has, its nothing like that nast HD sound but it doesnt have that pussy high pitchedexcuse me sound either when cutting through traffic. If it makes anyone feel anybetter I would have considered the Ducati Monster but I never heard of it until I already bought my Buell, and that was only because I went to the Long Beach bike show. Put it this way, I dont even care to see what bikes are out on the road Im so into my bike. Hayawhat the hell is that?!? Kawawho? Yama-no I dont know you.

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Holy bad case of penis envy batman!

Like compliments are anyway to rate a bike. I've gotten more compliments on a z1000 than I did for the zx10... does that make the z1000 a better bike? Maybe in the eyes of the non-knowing public...

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Originally posted by Vash

Like compliments are anyway to rate a bike. I've gotten more compliments on a z1000 than I did for the zx10... does that make the z1000 a better bike? Maybe in the eyes of the non-knowing public... [/B]
I call bull shit VASH I bet one factor in buying your bike was its looks, dont tell me you walked into the dealer blind folded and sat on all of the bikes and rode off on the one that made you feel the biggest due to feel. How do you know those who have complimented you are non-knowing dont you think thats a bit biased? In that case all Jap bike owners who talk to me and say that the Buell sucks including you are ignorant and non-knowing because it is obvious you have never owned an American made bike. If your gonna talk at least go test ride one first so then you might have s light idea of what your talking about.
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