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i hope not desmo.

if a new big buell is a bike you'd like to have, the blast! is a great choice.

i don't know how well harley is backing up the buy-back program, but they held true to it with the sportster buy-back plan they used to have.

i haven't ridden a blast!, but i do like the ex500 a lot. the blast! and the ninja 250 have the same problem in my eyes, little wheels.

i like the new buell street-fighter (looks, never rode one). before that i loved the x1. but one ride changed my mind on the x1. it still shifts like a harley. maybe the thunderbolt-based bikes will be better.


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Post Only if your gonna trade up

I bought a new 2001 Blast with the intention of keeping it a few years. My last 500 single from '82 was a hoot for over 50'000 miles. Figgered the Blast would be about the same. Big mistake. Now I'll be the first to admit that some of my complaints are subjective. Most others were not.
1. The bike is made for smaller people. At 250+gear the suspension is bottomed out.
2. Its twitchy at freeway speeds. Some people call it quick handeling. I couldn't make it hold a line.
3. The ergonomics were horrible. Feet apart and way out in front, Bars too far back, and a seat that doubled as a medieval tourture device.
4. The engine sucks down oil faster than a 2 stroke. Every time you fill the gas tank you put in a 1/4 quart.
5. The tranny shifts like a third world garbage truck.
6. The mirrors fatigue off
7. Electrical components fail at an alarming rate. 2 speedometer sensors, the neutral indicator switch, the kickstand interlock switch, and the ignition module all failed under 5000 miles. Sure warranty covers it and I really enjoyed pushing the bike home every few hundered miles

Buell did get a few things right
1. It's easy to ride
2. Maintenence is simple
3. Got the best front brake on the planet
4. Great gas mileage
5. TRADE IN!!! Yes it works. I wasn't too sure about reliability of the bigger Buells but after 6 months of unreliability from the Blast I would have traded for a tricycle. They can keep their Blast
The 02 M2 is a different story. Just passed 21'000 miles and lovin' it.
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OK.....reveiw from a fellow Blast owner...

My blast is my first bike and I love it.... I to looked at the kawi 250 and 500.....The price was fine but they look just like they did 15 yrs... ago..
The Blast is new Hand Built!!!! and Sleek....
And the guy above was right you WILL drop it I've dropped mine...
The great thing is that new Blast tank covers and feirings ( I never spell that word right) are about $80.00 for an entire new body kit.
Hell you could change the color every month if you want.
And when I dropped mine my handlebars were $48.00!!!! Not bad for my own stupid fault!!!!
It's a great bike it's a great company....
And I would have to say buy one from to HD dealership the added benefits are great!!!! And they will useally throw in some free extra's!!!!! I got $400.00 worth of accessories at my dealership.....and a free helmet kawasaki doesn't offer jack shit....

Well i hop that helps....
Please keep me up to date....I'd like to know what you buy...
Buell chick
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To be honest, the Blast is at the bottom of my short list, mostly cause I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to sell it when I want to move up.

The first pick (money willing) is a SV650. I think that bike would last me a lifetime. However, based on some opinions here, the '01 model is the best choice, and they are rare around here.

Next is the Ninja 500R. I think it has what would keep me happy long enough to learn on and save up for the next step.

The Buell certainly looks better than the Ninja, and I like the low maintenance aspect, but given it's performance, I'm not sure if it'd keep me smiling past the first year, and I'm also unsure of it's resale value, especially in WV. Buell no longer does the buy back thing. I need to ask the dealer about trade-ins though...

But I will certainly let everyone know what I get. And I do appreciate the advice!
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Some days are like this.
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Thumbs down Blast!

Okay, from a fellow Blast owner - I don't recommend them.

I am short (5'1") and the Blast seemed a good choice - short, cute and I couldn't get into too much trouble with it, right? So my wonderful hubby bought me a brand new black 2002 Blast so we could ride together....


Damn thing.

It is sitting in my driveway, sucking down insurance and payment money (because the local HD dealers won't take it back to sell, since they are all BURIED under other Blasts that have been turned back in) and it has less than 200 miles on it. Yes, 200 miles. I got BORED with it in no time. Not to mention the fact that the little bugger scared me.

No way would I take it on the freeway (no balls) and I refused to take it through an unprotected intersection unless I can see both ways and there is NO oncoming traffic (again, no balls).

I really, honestly feel that it is a difficult bike to ride. The throttle is touchy when starting off and the stupid thing has a habit of stalling at really bad times....

I moved up to a Honda 2000 F4 after putting only about 100 miles on the Blast (or less) and I regret it not at all. I love the Honda and the only time I'm scared of the bike is when I'm trying to scare myself by going too damn fast!

"I often wonder why I talk to you, then I realize, although you put me down, you do it with love." - Jester
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Blast vs. the 250Ninja

Ok, I'm totally biased here. As I run the World Largest Buell Blast Group/Club over on Yahoo.
I'm not a newbie to bikes as I've been riding over 30 yrs (I'm 45). And to top if off I'm a really BIG guy,i.e.-6'4"/225lbs.
But I promote the Blast. I have ridden and liked the Kaw EX250R Ninja alot. But I love Thumpers. I'm a retired Flattrack Racer, who ONLY raced 500-600cc thumpers(4stroke Singles). And I'm fond of any thumper I've owned or ridden.
When it came to a Choice a few years ago for a fun little sportbike that was easy to own and insure and maintain...it really became a No Brainer. The Buell (P3)Blast was my hands down favorite over the baby Ninja.
Sure the bike shakes at idle... but i tell you, my one Blast has 15,000miles on it and it ONLY got smoother as the miles added up. I really think it took until 5k miles until the motor was fully broken in. As for smoothness...the Blast(and Buells) are designed to shake at low Rpm and smooth out at higher speeds. And the Blast! is really smooth from 60-75mph- whereas the 250Ninja is a Buzzing/ No torque screaming Banshee !
The Ninja always needs to be revved, has little if any torque and basically although a tad faster (The Blasts' Top speed is rev limited at 96mph), I can hit the rev limiter in every gear including top gear. My one Blast (in my photos) is fairly stock with only a V&H pipe and jet kit , plus a few other mild tweaks which produced a dyno certified 30.2 RWHP. I have a Race Blast Motor waiting to be installed that is 600cc with hot cams, ported head/ hi comp piston and a few other tricks...and this motor ought to produce about 50RWHP as the same combo has been dynoed on a friends Flattrack Blast Racer.
But as it is, My tiny Blast with MY FAT ASS on it will BEAT any Stock 250 Ninja out there ! And it won't be sounding like a Toro Lawnmower on Helium while doing it !
BTW- the Blast is the most reliable Buell built to date with the exception of the NEW XB series bikes.
Now I'm NOT saying a little Thumper is a Killer sportbike, coz thats like comparing Apples to Oranges(No, make that GrapeFruit). But what I am saying is the Blast is in the same catergory as the Ninja 250..and a helluva lot easier to maintain and hop-up and and it's Also "Different in Every sense" !
The Blast maybe a Beginners bike...but it's also a unique thumper that has much potential.
Visit My Yahoo Group and find out more !
Sure Jap bikes are GREAT...but they are also Not Unique , not american and sound like Whiney little Children.
In this size bike, give me Sound(Thump), torque and the Uniqueness to stand apart and have people walk over and ask me about my bike (Buell).
I was a Jap bike fan for 2 decades, then I met Erik Buell. While I cannot yet afford to own an XB Buell...ASAP I' will ! And that bike won't be better that a 600cc Jap superbike...but it will be Different!
Anyway, I'll step off my Soapbox...and if any of you 250cc Ninja riders pass thru central Pa., give me a Shout...so i can Blow the Freakin Rice Whine out of your.....


Originally posted by swjohnsey
The Buell is a POS compared to the EX250. The lil' Ninja is virtually trouble free with a 15 year proven design. To top that the lil' Ninja will out perform the Blast in every category. The lil' Ninja is very smooth and the Blast shakes all over the place. The lil' Ninja shifts very smoothly like all Kawasaki and the Blast has the Harley clunk. I guess the the only thing going for it is that you can trade it in on another Buell but why spend $10,000 for a bike that won't out perform a 10 year old 600.
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Flattrack Blast!

Oh, and here's a photo of Team Harley's Flattracker as was raced by Jen Snyder a few years ago. These bikes even produced around 60 RWHP from 505cc !

I just happen to love thumpers and Flattrack was my Roots...but I also W.E.R.A. Road Raced as well....And it was on thumpers after I left my first 2-stroke twins in my blue haze smokey past.
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I think calling a Buell Blast a sportbike is stretching the defination. I stick by my original observation that the Blast is an over-priced, unreliable POS. While I could see myself owning a Buell it would never be a Blast.
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Guys (and gals) I have been rude. I never did post on what I eventually got.

I got a local Yamaha dealer to sell me a new 2001 YZF600R for $5,870 back in April, and I absolutely love it. It was too good a deal to pass up, and as it turns out, the 600R wasn't TOO much bike to start out on. My only regret is that it's black, and shows every fleck of dust, scratch, etc.

However, I'm already drooling over the FZ600 or maybe that KTM Duke.
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So my Friend, what do you ride now ?
As for clling a Blast a Sportbike, no-I wouldn't either. I'd call it a Standard Bike, built by a company that BUILDS Pure Sportbikes. It IS a Beginner bike.... But with a few tweaks,it's as GOOD as ANY 250 Ninja- Sportbike ?
BTW- how many miles have you riddn a Blast ?
While the Blast isn't exactly cheap anymore, a used bikes' price is a GREAT Value. And Reliability is Excellant! (The first yr 2000 bikes had some Bugs).
LOL...you're a funny man.

Ride Safe !

P.S.- I guess the Blasts' lean angle doesn't make it a sportbike ?

Originally posted by swjohnsey
I think calling a Buell Blast a sportbike is stretching the defination. I stick by my original observation that the Blast is an over-priced, unreliable POS. While I could see myself owning a Buell it would never be a Blast.
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