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Originally posted by Ninja250F18
The gist of the ruling is that he was acting within the scope of employment," he said. "And the fact that he was convicted of a criminal act did not take him out of the scope of employment because it was foreseeable that his employer, whoever that might be, would have expected a traffic accident."

I never know that killing somebody was in somebodies scope of employment besides being a hitman. What a jackazz.
I was thinking the same thing. Most employers I know of have a driving policy that clearly states that even though you are driving on company business, if you break the law you're responsible. I can see a company paying for a car, gas, tolls, etc. I can not see them paying for tickets or other fines that were given based on the employees negligence by not following the laws of the road or the company's driving policy.

This whole situation stinks, but it is not surprising at all.

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