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Re: Best shop in the area?

Originally posted by ManousoZX12
If I wanted to get some work done to my bike, (valve adjustment, tire change, oil change, etc), what would be the best shop in the Detroit area to go to? Any recommendations?
I recommend you do as much as you can yourself. If you can't change the oil yourself, My recommendation is to get an electric scooter. The price most shops charge to do an oil change, or other simple repairs is outrageous, and in my opinion based on the fact that if you take your bike to them for such things they know they can bend you over.

Tire changes, see Don Proctor at Rec Leisure. Everywhere else i go for tire changes seem to scratch the piss out of my rims, NOT MENTIONING ANY NAMES!!!

The rest is a crap shoot, either the shop does good work and has a 2 month backup, or they get you right in and don't know what they're doing. Both mean downtime

One shop I wil tell you will never see a bike of mine for service is Macomb Cycle.
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