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Need a little help with gear choices

I'm about to pick up an ex250. This will be the first bike i've ever owned and so I'm very new to picking out gear. I have made a few selections and I was wondering if these are good and if anyone else has any input. Any comment is welcome.

My two considerations for gear right now is protection and price.

For a helmet I'm going to go with an HJC, either the ac-12 or the cl-sp. I used to use a friends ac-11 when we would go out and ride, and at the msf course I used an ac-11, so its what i'm used to. I figure the ac-12 would be similar. Any reason I shouldn't get it and just opt for the cheaper cl-sp or 15?

As far as jackets go...Its starting to get warm here, so i was looking into textile jackets. The astars Air-Flo text jacket. It seems to be a warmer weather jacket. Only thing i dont like is that its all black and not very visable. The other one was the Astars T-Dyno text jacket. Comments?

Gloves: I am looking at the alpinestars S-MX 2 Air Carbon Gloves. They look like they offer good protection, and are pretty light weight for the summer heat.

Pants: Non of the riders I know typically ride with special pants. Thoughts? Suggestions?

Boots: again, thoughts and suggestions welcome

If anyone can offer a little coaching that would be great.
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KingAlverez welcome to the world of motocycle gear! It's good that you intend to ride with gear and your current selections sound fine. If you know the AC-11 fits comfortably why not try to find a new one on closeout?
As far as riding pants go, are your knees and legs less important to you than elbows and arms? Go with leather if you can at all afford it and try to find something with knee armor, hip padding etc. whether you end up with textile or leather. I wouldn't recommend mesh although if it has armor it's probably still better than jeans.
Any over the ankle boots will help you out in the event of a get-off but Motorcycle boots are the way to go because you can get waterproof boots and most are much easier to ride and shift with than work or hiking boots.
Good luck
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Grats on the bike! My best suggestion on a helmet is get a cheap one for your first helmet, like the HJC's your looking at. Because, I'm sure you've been told this, but your gunna go down. Since your likely to go down pretty soon as a new rider go cheap but well built. I'm gitting hit with the heat here in tampa as well. I wear a FeildSheer Cargo sport mesh jacket. Its pretty good for heat and has a removeable liner that is damn toasty in the winter, the liner is also waterproof. Boots all come down to how you ride. I'm more of a sport cruiser rather than a stunt junkie so I have lighter boots that give me a better feel for my bike. I've got a pair of Icon SuperDuty 2 boots, they are nice and very comfortable (I wear them daily) I also have a pair of Demonia Gravel 14's but those... well dont ride well (if you look them up you can tell why). Gloves are overlooked quite a bit, I overlooked them when I started riding and I'm regretting it now. I bought a cheap pair of "riding gloves" at my MSF office 4 months ago and they are just about shot now. Its been reccomended to me to switch to a perforated leather with vents and carbon inserts. If you read Smitty's post Here you will get a good feeling as to why gloves are a good idea. I ride in pants, which is different from most riders I've met on here and against their advice, I do it mostly because I ride as a means of commuting to school and back and just haven't found any decent pants to put on over my... pants. Leather in FL is just to hot so I would avoid it UNLESS you plan on doing hard riding or stunting. I place my faith for the most part on textile fabrics because their light and breath well, they may not be the best in a crash but atleast you wont die of a heat stroke in em. Thats just from a fellow If you ever find yourself down here, give me a hollar and we'll go riding.

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Hey thanks for the replies guys.

Where would be a place to look that would still have the ac-11 in stock? I might look into that fieldsheer jacket, but will the mesh provide adequate protection? I like the idea of having lighter boots because of feel. Any other light boots I should have a look at?

also, what are anyones thoughts about icon's Timax mesh jacket?

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K so here is what i'm thinking about doing

I can't find any where that has the ac-11 helmets, so I think i'm gonna go with the cl-sp. Its only $120 and the design is nice imo.

and i think i'm gonna go ahead and get the air-flo jacket. Unless someone can tell me some good things about the timax mesh jacket because i can get a good deal on one of those. I found the air-flo for $140 and the timax for $110. I dont really like the looks so much of the timax, but the price sure is nice.

Alpinestars air-flo

Icon TiMax Mesh

any help would be much appreciated because this is still new to me

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helmet looks good.
if u have to choose between the alpine and the icon, i'd go with the alpine. have you tried them both on? the icon timax did not impress me, it was the first jacket i got. now i got the blue and it looked retarted but the black my be better. i eneded up with the joe rocket rasp. it has large vents on the chest that make it nice in hot/cold conditions as they can be closed. i rode witht this jacket in 10 degree weather. but i would get the new joe rocket alter ego jackets (i wish they were out when i got my rasp!) espicially since u are in florida. damn near the whole front can be zipped off.....excelent for hot weather.
as for pants...again joe rocket alter ego, i think i am obcessed with that line.
boots, i picked up the icon field armors and there great, i am VERY pleased with em. best part is the zipper that runs down the entire boot. just strap em up to what your comfortable with then alll u gotta do is zip on and zip off. its almost as good as the velcro shoes u had when u were 5 year old.

if ur gonna do hiway driving i suggest a gauntlet style glove (not sure if the ones u looked at were like that or not). i got the icon timax gauntlets. [email protected]#ing great. could be better in hot weather but as for protection, there great, titanium floating knuckles is the beat part. they fit so much better than all i tried on. and man are they great for road rage, damn off road rage too! i can say that i would use them in a fight if given the choice lol!

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I just read an article in one of the sportbike mags about HJC's ac-12 helmet. They said, among other things, that it vents fairly well. They said it has all the good things of the ac-11, along with upgraded features.

Has anyone had any experience with the ac-12 yet? i'm gonna go try one on at my local cycle shop.
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Don't skimp on the pants just because nobody else you ride with wears them! Jeans really are useless in a crash. Check out the closeouts at newenough.
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Originally posted by slaps76
Don't skimp on the pants just because nobody else you ride with wears them! Jeans really are useless in a crash. Check out the closeouts at newenough.
yea I've been looking at pants. I know normal jeans wont be worth anything, but what about the Joe Rocket Steel Jeans?

are mesh pants worth anything or should I get at least textile pants?
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If I may make a suggestion, look at a jacket that stands out to the cages more than just a all black jacket, something that has a strip of red or yellow on it, something with some colors (nothing hideous). I wanted to go all black on my gear but that probably isnt a good idea, it may look cool but it decreases how much other's can see you especially at night. I dont like to stand out in a crowd, but when Im driving a bike with people in cages that arent looking for me, well Ill stand out then! ....something you should think about.
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