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I have State Farm and pay less than $450/year for full coverage with personal injury protection (PIP) on my Ninja.

A lot of factors play into how much you pay: sex, age, marital status, location, make and model of bike, driving history, deductible, etc. Some offer discounts for the MSF course, but note that the discount isn't on the total premium, it's usually on the collision portion only. In the above scenario I wouldn't be saving $67.50/year with a 15% discount, but more like $25.

I could cut my premium in half if I didn't take the PIP, which means that in an accident that was my fault, they wouldn't pay for my medical expenses. Not a risk I'm willing to take despite the fact that I have decent health insurance; I don't want to mediate a fight between the two, I've been down that road before, but that's another story.

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