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Originally posted by tailgunn
What do you mean don't? Don't buy one period or don't buy one that's prior salvage?
Contain your desire - don't buy a rebuilt bike, unless you're buying a trackbike that has Ohlins, racebody, head and valve work, etc - in short, you should know exactly what you're getting.

I was looking disinterestedly at a '00 9R in Arlington Heights, IL this last winter.

It looked OK. Price was 6299, just right at KBB. It had D207 tires, purple mica paint (factory color), stock, 460 miles.

Not quite stock. It had aftermarket pegs. It had D207s all right - date code of 17th week of 2002. No stickers on the tank warning you to break in the bike and read the owner's manual. 460 miles.

The dealer did not like me writing down the VIN. His reaction was enough- I didn't bother checking the VIN out for insurance claims or title status.

No way am I buying a bike like that - who the hell knows what really happened to it, or if the subframe will crack and fall off while I'm leaned over at 80 MPH on a guard-rail-less curve with a 1000' dropoff...

Don't do it.

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