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I did. Thanks guys.
I got the same one as before D208,s . Also have a screw on order for my front fender it is missing I noticed that one day. that was expensive little screw 93 cents. Hopefully no more nails.

I also did about 100 mile or more ride today, on the new tire alone. After leaving Sunrisecycle I took 60 down to VA beach and road the beach road for a bit at the end I came aorund and saw a biker just sitting there. So I came back around again. He was waiting for a freind and then off the ride. I tag along. We went down to NC and then came back up on I think goose neck road or something like that not a bad road but had grave on some of the truns and thats the only dam place it had gravel. And with a brand new tire I didn't want to push what little tallent I have. Is there anything I can clean this new tire with to make sure what ever that stuff on there all off so I can at least not be scared to go around any trun?
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