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32(0 C) is the coldest I've went, but anything above 40(4.5 C)I'll drive in for the day! Just got to have the right gloves on to keep the mitts warm!
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I will ride in just about any temperature as long as there isn't snow and ice on the road. I was riding late last month in mid-30 degree F weather. I stopped as it appears that my bike is truly cold blooded and doesn't like the cold too much, stalling at times (I think it is carb icing; when the weather gets better it is going into the dealer to see what he finds. It is still under warranty and that is why he gets first crack at it). Only part that gets cold is my face, but using a balaclava helps a lot, as do double layer of socks and a great Olympia winter riding glove...

Now if only last Saturday's 12 inches of snow disappears soon from my front door...then all I will have to worry about is slush and gravel on the roads!

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Not an expert, but coincidentally...

Funny someone should ask this just around now, although I suppose since it's winter it's not surprising. But I just
spent Christmas up in Seattle, from San Jose, CA and took my bike the whole way. SJ->Seattle via 101, Seattle->SJ via I-5.

My K1200RS has heated handgrips, I also brought an electric vest. Temperaturs up ranged from 40-51 degrees, since it was the coast, along I-5 on the way back it was around 29-45 degrees. Heavy rain up, dry as a bone down. Here's some stuff I learned in no particular order:

o As long as the temperature's lower than around 45 degrees, you will ALWAYS get colder the longer you ride, period. Layering makes no real difference as far as I could tell, the wind just leeches heat from your body no matter how much you try to keep warm, and your body temp just keeps dropping as long as you're on the road. Frequent breaks are a must.

o An electric vest is *critical*. By keeping your torso warm your extremities stay warmer, although see the note above -- It prolongs the inevitable, doesn't prevent it.

o Triple-layer gloves seem to work best. I wore glove liners, Held gore-tex lined gloves, and aerostitch 3-digit rain covers over the top. The cover helped the most, acting as both a wind and moisture guard. Again, though, your fingers get cold no matter what, even with heated handgrips.

o Make sure your boots are loose, even over the thickest socks you may wear. If they're comfortable in summer weight socks, they're useless as cold-weather gear. You need an airspace in the boot for warmth retention, and you need movement to keep your toes from going numb. I wore single-layer expedition-weight wool socks under my touring boots which helped, but they were a little too tight. I think I need two pairs of boots, if I want to tour in both summer and winter.

o Wetness=Cold. Anything damp will suck heat from your body in a matter of seconds, and that's not an exaggeration. I wore an Aerostitch suit that did a fine job keeping me dry, but my boots got wet enough on one day for a little moisture to get through to the sock. It felt like a damn ice cube!

o Your head doesn't get cold. I wasn't expecting that.

o In general, triple-layer clothing works well, as I mentioned with the gloves. I wore long underwear, the electric vest as an intermediate layer, thick fleece, and the 'stitch over all of it. Still got cold, just slowly.

Those're the most important ones, I think. Hope it helps!
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HAHAH Whiner!! Cold PFF I will tell you about COLD!!

Back in the day when I also was younge. I hand a 1978 XL 125. Oh boy what a Dog. I used to ride it on the Frozen Rivers(Here in Iowa where is gets down to NEG 40 Degrees with wind chill and sometimes without wind) Note to all stay
in the snowmobile tracks on the River otherwise you might as well be riding on glass. Also if you come out of the ditch the roadways are like glass also. I found myself thinking this as I was sliding down the road and river on MY HEAD.
Also I have rode in 30 degree weather on the highways late at night. After the first 2-3 Miles everything just becomes Numb and you get used to it.
I once had to take my CBR900 Home from a shop that was working on it and it started snowing. Want to talk out scary, CBR900 and snow are not thing to mix let alone rain.
So don't cry about cold until you come up North. And yes like I read in a post 60's degrees is Nice but rare in Iowa unless you are up here in the Summer when you can expect 100 degree weather.
Love that weather hate that weather,
So in the mean time go SnowBoarding,
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Re: Not an expert, but coincidentally...

Originally posted by cinnamon

You need an airspace in the boot for warmth retention, and you need movement to keep your toes from going numb.
This is the most important "airspace". I live in Toronto
and will usually ride till the ground gets covered with an inch or more of snow or theirs black ice. So I'll ride from roughly March till November the toughest thing to keep warm I find is the fingers and on occasion my knees. We need wind (sand ) guards for the hands like the motocross bikes have.

I'll usually draw the line at -15 C as well seeing as most of my riding is done on the highway and the damn wind chill at 120km/h will turn -15 C to what hell would be if it was cold

(mph) Temperature (Celcius)
10 5 0 -5 -10 -15 -20 -25

10 5 -1 -7 -13 -19 -25 -31 -37
20 0 -6 -13 -20 -27 -34 -41 -48
30 -1 -9 -16 -24 -31 -39 -46 -54
40 -2 -10 -18 -26 -34 -41 -49 -57
50 -3 -11 -19 -27 -35 -43 -50 -58
60 -3 -11 -19 -27 -35 -43 -50 -58
70 -3 -10 -18 -26 -34 -42 -50 -57
80 -2 -10 -17 -25 -33 -40 -48 -56
90 -1 -9 -16 -24 -31 -39 46 -54

As for what to wear and still be comfortable and safe I'll usually wear track pants for the layer or air and loose fitting jeans over top standard socks do fine and a pair of Dock Martins. Then I'll wear a turtle neck my Leather Jacket and a Good water/windproof Bomber jacket over that and teknic gloves. And like I mentioned the fingers and knees are the only thing that really get cold and annoy me at times. I grew up in it and use to go Sledding so it doesn't bug me all that much. Though soon as you get off the bike you need a cup of something hot and need to Piss like a race horse

Just my 0.02 and that's not much if converted to
American currency
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Well for abut 3 years all I had was a bike and no choice abut it. I rode to work no matter how cold it was. The worst may have been in the upper 20s low 30 one year. I froze my ass off! It was about a 20 min ride to work. If I had a choice about it I would not plan a ride if it was to go under the 50 maby 45 deg mark. I had a ski suit and a gv1400 lx at the time.
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The coldest I've rode is about 35 degrees, but my hands wouldn't move by the time I got home. I was miserable and told myself I wouldn't do that again.....yea, just wait til winter 2001.
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WELL I HAVE TO SAY I RODE IN 30-35 DEGREES when it was HAILING out , but i would have to ask for those of us that ryde in 30-55 degrees is it because we dont own a heated car/truck?????
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Originally posted by Squidwannabe
I drove 200 kms back in november to NY... It was about 7 degrees celcius outside. I had all my snowboarding gear on ... The only thing that was cold was my head , Ill buy a helmet liner next year.
****ing rights. Here's a Canadian for you.

My favorite days are when its 20-25 celcius, when it gets higher than that, its too hot. But, when it gets cooler out, I can handle it.

Peace & Love & Canada
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Is it more possible to dump your bike in colder weather because the tires and road are not as warm? I know this might sound stupid, but I honestly don't know.

--There is a wrong way to eat a Reese's, and I will find it.
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