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As I said donít get me started. But no one listened.
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(No offense Funk. I just saw my chance, and took it.)
I will take a lot more than that, I was in the NAVY for 5 years. I am not gay, but I could be for enough money!
Omni, seems you got some issues man. Not much of a news flash, but you get worked up easily, huh? 3 words. Anger management classes!
While living in VA, I had a hated cops as well. There are a lot of dicks in Hampton Roads in my experiance.
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Thumbs up

Dont like cops, liars, or ignorance. I am pretty laid back with everything else in life believe it or not.
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Yo Omni, you wouldn't happen to be in the "stereotyped",
singled out, pulled over because I'm...so and so...group would you? No offense or anything, but I believe some screwed up policeman do cross the line at times, for whatever reason. They could be predjudiced, hard asses, or pissed off already for some reason. Or maybe they want to keep their 16 year old daughter safe as she travels our roads. They come in all colors, I guess I have been somewhat lucky to come across the cooler ones. I have had 2 tickets on a bike. First was going 69 in a 55 (actually 77...It's always been lowered). The second one, I was pulled over by the Harris County Highway Patrol for moving across a few lanes without signaling at a red light. When I pulled over he asked me if I knew why..I pointed at my tags which had expired. He said he could get me for failure to signal, exhibition of acceleration, (which was BS) "almost pulled a wheelie back there.." yeah whatever!)
and speeding 55 in a 45. I said " speeding? How fast was I going?" He told me and I started to say something, but shut up. I acted cool and calm and he just wrote me up for no registration and no insurance, but failed to notice the inspection sticker was out. I guess he thought he was getting enough money out of me since the fines were over $300 bucks. I look at it like this: at least it wasn't a moving violation. So you don't think I'm irresponsible or anything, I had just fixed my bike after it having been stolen and hadn't gotten my insurance and stuff updated. I had the bike in storage for quite a while..
I've had a handfull of tickets in cages, but I've never been harrassed or falsely accused yet. I got what I deserved.
Keep it as safe as you can afford!
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Harris County *shudder*, anything less than getting arrested in Harris County is good! heh

I know this is a bad question to be asking, but naturally when my bike gets here from Colorado I am going to have to ride it around a few times before I get the title, registration, inspection, and insurrance all taken care of, and I will have to take it to some of those places so I am kinda forced to break the law. Anyhow, no insurrance and no registration is $300??? I think in Virginia it was a whole lot less, friend of mine had the same deal, insurrance was just not on him since it was a new policy. Hopefully I won't get pulled over. In my 2-3 years of riding, never once been pulled over, so hopefully riding responsibly I won't get bothered.

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"Yo Omni, you wouldn't happen to be in the "stereotyped",
singled out, pulled over because I'm...so and so...group would you? "-------
Not sure what you mean by this...?
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Ok, well, to put it bluntly, I was inquiring as if you were black or any other 'minority' race. Not trying to be rude or anything. I've been pulled over by white, black, latino, and women coppers before. I have yet to experience any mistreatment or cockiness from anybody....although I think women cops love to bust the inferior man....
Just my little spin on the subject!
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You know, I have been pulled over MANY times (beieve it or not, I very seldom run from cops anymore, unless I am going 130 mph, then I don't run, I just don't stop- there's a difference ), and I end up with tickets probably less than 20% of the time. I think I have found the trick to dealing with cops. It is simply respect. They feel, rightly so, that they deserve a certain amount of respect. If this respect is not forthcoming, they will cut you no breaks, and may even go out of their way to make your life miserable if you show them downright disrespect. Do not deny you were speeding. That is the same as calling them fools, or liars, to their faces. Do not argue with a cop. Even if they are 100% wrong (it happens) the place to argue is in front of a judge, not at the side of the road. You will NEVER win an argument with a cop at the side of the road, even if you can prove to him that he is 100% wrong. Once the arguing starts, you ARE going to get a ticket no matter what. I don't like to stereotype any group, even cops, but I must admit that some of what Omnipresence says is true. Some (I would not say 98%) cops took the job because they figure carrying a badge and a gun will earn them the respect that they otherwise would not merit. Others do it out of a genuine desire to make a difference, and to keep their neighbourhoods safe. Yet others became cops because of TV show cop heros. Whatever the reason they became cops, one thing is for sure: They are out there every day risking thier lives (for not very much money at all) to keep us, and our families, as safe as they can. So when you get pulled over (remember, if you are pulled over it ain't because you were obeying the rules of the road ), take a deep breath, smile, and treat the police with respect, they do deserve it, even if it is hard to believe at the time.
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I never mentioned this before but since I'm not doing anything right now I'll share this. It was my senior year of high school and I was driving a 300ZX twin turbo. I just picked it up from the shop from being in an accident previously. My dad had told me to get on the gas a little to see if it handled ok. Well being a little speed demon it did. Maybe a little more than I should of in traffic. I got a speeding ticket for doing a 150mph in a 45 zone. I was only 17 and scared sh*tless when I saw that unmarked police car with the pulsating lights far behind me in the rear view. I might of kept on going if it wasn't for that red light. I pulled over and got the chewing of my life from the police. Screaming and yelling at me for my stupidity and how I could of killed myself or better yet innocent people with my actions. He then through me in the back of his car and went on about how he hopes the judge takes my drivers license away, etc. etc. My mom happen to be driving by and pulled over and talked to the cop which I think saved my a$$. He actually let me drive away, but not without a $750.00 fine which my mom and dad chewed my a$$ later and made me pay for it myself. That was hard as hell for only being 17yrs old. I went to court and the judge didnít give me any mercy, I had to pay the fine and go to driving school, which was an additional cost. I guess I'm pretty lucky that this incident happened before they made speeding in excess of 20 over a felony offence. That and a couple of accidents made my insurance monthly rate about $450.00. Needless to say, if I wanted to keep driving my parents made me pay for my own insurance from then on. Thatís when I found the best job I think I could of had for a high school kid. I started working in this club as a bar back when I turnd 18, but that a totaly different story...

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I got pulled over going 115 in a 45 when I was 17, cop wrote me down for 89 in a 45, illegal lane change, failure to signal. I went to court, got on probation for a year. If I had gotten pulled over in that time it would have been double my original fine and the ticket I would be getting. Double the original was somewhere up around $750, and I'd lose my license. No tickets until I was 18, where I got my last ticket going between Austin and Houston. *knock on wood* ticketless, and not even pulled over in 5 years
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