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I've had the same bike stolen TWICE !! It was my DT175 winter hack and I parked it rignt outside my (parents) front door. Came down in the morning and couldn't see the tail light through the door glass. I ran round the house, thinking I had squeezed it into the shed where I kept my RD400, but no, no sign of it. It still hadn't sunk in that it had been stolen. I phoned a mate who I was with the previous night thinking a terrible prank was being played on me. But he assured me that he hadn't touched it. Finally, it sinks in. Some bastard has made off with MY bike.
It was recovered 10 days later by the police. They noticed the registration was weird. The theiving prick had re-arranged the numbers on the plate from KIJ 4102 to JIK 0124. What a numbnuts ! The police gave chase and ran into him (in their car) knocking him off. He was a spotty 16 y.o. He had also painted the tank and all the plastics with black paint (it WAS white).
A short time after, I got a bill from the police insurers asking for 110 for the damage to the police car. This was dropped when I told them that the bike had been stolen.

The next time, a group of us had just come from seeing " Return of the Jedi", I had just walked into my mates appartment when we heard the bike starting. We ran out to see it zoom down the road. To cut another long story short, 3 days later, police called to tell me the bike had been recovered.
This time it had been crashed and the scumbags pillion had broken his leg. YES !! The downside was that this guy tried to claim off MY insurance claiming he didn't know the bike was stolen. BASTARD ! I had the last laugh as I had cancelled the insurance just prior to his "misfortune". The bike by this time was worthless and I wouldn't have been prepared to claim and lose my no claims discount. I then sold the bike for 100.

Since then, someone tried to break into my garage but my rabbid cairn terrier "Flossy" frightened them off !

My job now brings me into contact with these dregs of society. Revenge can be sweet!!

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I had a 2001 Busa stolen from my front yard, took the security lock with it. (They had a truck and a hoist).
Found the bike in little pieces.
I had the new Busa for 1 day and had only put a little less than 100 miles on it!
Here is the kick in the teeth, the same crew that delivered the bike to the house, (hired crew by the dealer) came back to steal it! With forged documents of reposession on a local banks letter head (Federal offense!).
The officer at the scene pulled out a copy of my receipt showing that I had paid in full prior to getting the bike!
The officer relayed the story and the look on there faces better than I can repeat.
It took local law enforcement only 3 days to close this case, 3 months to get my replacement Busa.
Insurance paid off in 2 days after bike and thievs were found.
Of course, winter was here when I got my Busa back.
The local dealer was investigated, and cleared of any wrong doing, they are also very careful of who they hire now.
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i had my 1993 gsx-r750 stolen...

it was brand new, witnesses saw it go, the lame worthless frickin cops in corona,calif took a report, told me they knew who did it, and was "watching" them...state farm gave me a check for the full price..i never seen the bike again...some time later(maybe 6 months) the dumb ass police dept sent me a letter asking me the status of my stolen bike...man did i lay in to their sorry asses...

"bad cop!, no donut"
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YES a 1986 zx 600 if i remember correctly. the bike was two months old, stolen from my front yard, no theft insurance,just liability. since at the time i had more money than brains, i quickly bought another one, three months later the san francisco police call me and tell me they have my bike, they caught a 15 year old kid riding it. after they brought him home to his parents they discovered two more in garage.....hmmmmm my fifteen year old kid has no job, or license but has three brand new motorcycles in garage........ i think the parents should have been arrested, but thats just my opinion...... yes i now believe in full coverage.
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Happy new year! Mine was taken from me new years day this year. 6 months owning it to the day. Insurance was full coverage and I am sort of getting shafted on the price. People are selling them for dirt cheap, and so are the dealers. I am only gonna get like 8200 for it because of my 500 dollar deductible. Bummer. Now I have the same bike, full coverage again, and gap insurance to cover the deductible. Plus now I have a garage.
Had it parked under a car port, U-lock in the rear wheel, Steering lock on, car perpendicularly blocking it in. They dragged it out and loaded it on a truck. It's probably on e-bay now in parts.
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well.. Yes I have..
My first bike was an old 85 fz-750.. great running bike.. but I bought it used in 98 (I think) and NO ONE ever touched it.. I was in a bad part of town.. the works..nothin.. wasn't insured either which is ok... but then I sold it last spring.. and bought a brand new f4..(not the f4-i.. just a crated f4 the dealer had) but I put the 1st km on the odometer..
I had full coverage all summer.. moved to a NICE FAMILY area of town in a condo complex that has parking right in front of my door.
2 days before I was putting it into storage for the winter it was ripped off...
the insurance company was ok to deal with on it but overall cost me a grand to rent it for the summer once I settled up the financing.
I have already bought a new bike 2002 cbr954 and I have already ordered a kryptonite barbed wire and an extra brake lock for it.. I have a zena lock for the disk and I am pricing out alarms.. also going to get a cover..(the ones that lock underneath the bike) and I am going to install a groung lock in the parking spot..
I know insurance would take care of it.. but it was kinda heartbreaking to see it gone.. and I knwo I will get more attached to this one... I pick it up on tuesday (we just got them in the dealership here on Friday) and they have one on the floor.. I've visited her 2X already and it's not even MY bike....
any one have any suggestions on alarms? I don't want one wired into the harness though.. hear they are easy to cut.. even if on a mercury switch...
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I've had some clown try and steal by bike, but all they did was busted the steering lock.

If there's one thing I hate more than criminals, it's incompetent criminals.

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Yep 1/2

Someone tried to steal my FZ600 two years ago. I had the rear wheel locked to the front wheel with a Kryptonite Barbed Wire, and the dumb f*ckers tore the ignition out before failing to cut through the locks!

This Spring, my buddy came to visit for a camping trip and I left my F3 under the cover in the parking lot when I went to the airport to get him. No lock. Come in at 3AM all ready to show my buddy my new toy and all that's left is the cover!

I printed up some color photos for the cops and it was found two days later about 2 miles away from my place, parked in front of some mansion about a block from the hood. Dunno if it was some rich dumb highschool kid or some poor dumb highschool kid. Either way, I'd like to meet them

Cost me another ignition/gascap set, but turned out OK. Advice: do something to make your bike recognizable, and take good pictures of the details so the cops will have something to look for. And always always always lock it up, even if you think you're in a nice safe neighborhood like me...
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Yep: '98 ZX9R stolen '99

June 1st '99 my ZX9R was stolen just as the season starts here in Canada. I went all summer without a motorcycle and then after the insurance pay out I still owed $2000 to the bank! Bike was well locked but not to anything: It was probably lifted into the escape vehicle. Coincidence: I had gone for a Kawasaki test ride the week before and filled out an information sheet giving my address and type of bike I owned among other info.

Needless to say I definitely take more precautions with my new ZZR1200.
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never had a bike stolen b/c I don't have one yet. However I just bought a 2000 dakota and some asshole with no insurance rear ended me. Then 4 days later a bunch of f***ers broke into it and stole my stereo system. Insurance Co. tried to screw but it didn't work. All in all it was about 5 grand worth of damage.
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