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not me...too bad they dont have security system for motorcycles. and if they do, well, they should market it better. we all need security. i wouldn't trust anybody with my bike. and yes...it is a small bike, but heck...its my first, and after i'm done with it, i'm going to frame it.

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I had one stolen in San Antonio in 1983. I was in college at the time, and had to park my 1978 GS750 on the street. I had a lock on it, but the thieves struck in the middle of the night and had time to cut through the lock. Didn't have insurance as the bike wasn't worth much anyway.

The good part was the bike had 48,000 miles on it and I had an appointment some major service a couple of days later. The front brake was almost gone, the clutch was slipping, the steering head bearings were worn out, and the swingarm bushings were toast. If they'd had waited a few days they would have stolen a much nicer motorcycle.

A few years before that a roommate of mine had a Yamaha RD250. He ran out of gas on the way home one afternoon and hoofed it back to the apartment. We hopped in my car and stopped by the gas station for some fuel. Just as we were getting ready to pull onto the nighway we saw his bike riding down the interstate in the back of a pickup.

I jumped on the highway and followed the truck for a few miles, when lo and behold a highway patrolman pulled alongside us. My roommate got his attention, leaned out the window and yelled loud enough to tell the patrolman what was going on. His lights came on, and the truck pulled over. After showing his driver's license and registration my roommate watched in satisfaction as the trooper pulled his gun, told the thieves to lay on the ground and called for backup.

Sometimes the motorcycle gods are with you.

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Damn thieves

I just had my y2k r1 stolen on the night of Sep. 3. Now I just need to get my insurance check in a month or so and grab myself a '02 r1. Life sucks, and then your bike gets stolen....:angry:
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This is actually funny, even though it's long:

I was at the bar one night with my roommate and a couple of other guys. I had left my baby at my apartment, (which I barely ever left it out at night). At about three o'clock in the morning, we rolled back into the neighborhood, just me and Jason. As we came around the last corner before reaching our destination in the "Purple Honda of Love", I could see a motorcycle up ahead with one white light and one yellow light. As I got closer, I could make out that it was a ZX-7, a black/purple ZX-7....boy what a coincidence, I have a black/purple '94 ZX-7....hey, wait a minute... Jason was driving, and we came squealing to a stop about two inches from his front tire. I was reaching for my gun, which (lucky for this cat), I had stuffed under the seat, and I guess it had slid back into the back before I could reach it. We were both out of our doors before this f**ker could even blink. I was going for him, and he threw the bike down and ran. I had to jump over the bike and so did Jason, and when I did, I tripped over it in my haste. Jason cleared me and got ahead a little bit, tracking this cat through the back of the apartment complex. I overtook him, (I run faster), and I thought that I was gaining on this guy, when all of a sudden, the theif looks over and sees that I'm right there. He took off like he had been only jogging before. (I didn't realize that they made nitrous for the Nike Air Max shoes! ). Anyway, he was friggin' gone! He darted over to another apartment building's parking lot, and I lost him. I ran back to Jason (who had slipped in a mud puddle and now looked like Mr. Hanky), and my bike. I picked it up, grabbed my cell, called the cops and three of my buddies. Jason and I grabbed the guns and went looking under every car in the neighborhood for this SOB. My three buddies showed up before the cops did, and even though there were five of us running around like vigilanties, we never did find him. The cops finally made us go home, considering the fact that I'm screaming at the night about how if I catch this f**ker, the things that I'm gonna do to him and anyone that he knows.
It was actually a good situation, it taught me a lot about not leaving my bike where it is susceptible to theft, and I didn't actually loose the Kawi. I never caught the guy, but I found out from some of the kids in the neighborhood that this wasn't the first time this had happened, and that the guy who was doing it was some 15 year old punk from the local high school that was actually one of the TRACK STARS there! No wonder I couldn't catch the little f**ker. He actually lived in my apartment complex with his mother, (who never would tell me where he was), can you believe the nerve of this kid???
The answer to this thread's question is "yes" and "no", I had one stolen, but not all the way .
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My 86 suzuki gs550es was stolen with 2800 miles on the clock in 87.

The cops found it stripped a couple of weeks later.

The insurance paid most of it but I was stuck paying about $800.

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Someone thought they wanted my R1100RS more than me once, but they found out they were wrong. I was awakened by the sound of the center stand going up, and when I looked out the window, the bike was not in my car port where it was supposed to be, though I could hear the engine running.
I grabbed my pants and keys, headed out the door, down the stairs, and outside, then ran around the building, where I saw the bike being ridden away, followed closely by a car. I took off running, just as fast as I could, to try to get the license plate of the car before they got away, but they turned from the stop sign just before I had a chance to read the plate. It was a short block to the red traffic light, where they stopped in the left turn lane, so I just kept right on running. As I approached the intersection, the light was still red, and they were still stopped, so I just made the left turn into the middle of the road, and (from a dead run) pushed the guy off the bike as hard as I could.
He then took off running, followed about 2 seconds later by a cop car, with lights already going (the cops were stopped at the intersection and saw the whole thing). I picked up the bike, and the car proceeded to make the left turn (the light was green by now), so I read off the license plate. When I rode the bike to where the cops had cornered the guy who had run, as more cops arrived, one asked me who I was, so I told him I owned the bike, that guy had tried to steal it, there was a car with him, and I recited the license number.
They caught the 2 guys in the car about 20 minutes later, about 5 miles away. The insurance company paid the claim, and I still have the bike more than 5 years later.
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[QUOTE]Originally posted by colin409
[B]2 almost stolen, one stolen.
The first time, was in high school. I came walking out of school to go to work, (I was in a work program, so I was leaving early) and there was some guy working on my bike. I walked up and showed him the keys, and asked " Maybe these will help?". He ran off and jumped into a waiting car.

whew, he would have had to have some divine intervention to live through that one. That's the kind of situation you dream about when your real pissed off and stressed out and need to take your anger out on someone.
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When I was 13 I had my Diamond Back BMX bike stolen off my portch. I loved that bike.
Now I couldn"t beg someone to steal my money pit, ex track bike cbr 600. Oh well. I still love it anyway.
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I had someone walk into my backyard and steal my mountain bike. Four years later, someone stole my husband's TL from the parking lot of our apartment complex.

I can't describe the amazing sense of unbelief as we drove up and tried for 10 minutes to believe that he had parked the bike in a different spot and we simply couldn't see it. Never saw it again.
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I am a victim too.
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