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2 almost stolen, one stolen.
The first time, was in high school. I came walking out of school to go to work, (I was in a work program, so I was leaving early) and there was some guy working on my bike. I walked up and showed him the keys, and asked " Maybe these will help?". He ran off and jumped into a waiting car.
The second one, my bike was sitting outside a friends house. I heard it fire up from upstairs, so I ran outside. By the time I got outside it was gone. The cops found it before the end of the weekend in the river. I got it back, but it never ran right again. The insurance paid me $500 more than I paid for the bike, so at least something good came of it.
The third time, my bike was sitting outside a friends house. I came outside and somebody had torn the ignition all apart. Apparently they didn't know what they were doing. Also, the steering lock was broken. I never notified the insurance about this one.
All three of these were in the same town, which I don't visit on my bike anymore. Firstly for the high theft rate, secondly for there unfriendly toward bikes cops. Plus the roads there suck!

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I walked up and showed him the keys, and asked "Maybe these will help?".

Good one!

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When i first got my 350 it was parked on my back porch i was in my room i heard someone take my bike off the center stand (luckly i locked the steering) I grabbed my shotgun ran out my front door. got around to the back and shot a round in the air he dropped the bike and took off my dad stopped me from chaseing him. didn't to much damage just cracked the air filter cover and broke the front brake lever I called the sherrif he took a report but didn't do much about it but tell me that I shouldnt apprehend some one like that but that is the exact reason we don't lock up our guns

Kyle M. m/15 cb350
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I posted once already but it didnt stick???

Anyway, I have never had a bike stolen thank goodness. I keep my bike in the garage at home and the garage is hooked up to the alarm. At work we have super security and the bike is not accessible to the public anyway and I wont take the bike anywhere that I cant keep it under my nose. I recall Stacia mentioning rolling the bike into the Motel room! LOL, I would do the same thing!

The only think that has ever been stolen was a boat. I didnt so much miss the boat itself as all the expensive equiptment in it and the fact that the vacation was ruined before it began. At least it was insured -that REALLY sucks about the Porsche Robert.

Kyle J.-
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never had a bike stolen....i guess that it is an advantage to living in "cruiserville usa"
a sportbike in this area is a rare sight!

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Been lucky so far, but one close one.

3 weeks after getting my new R6 the guy parked around the corner in my apt. complex got his 95 cbrf3 stolen. Saw him the next day and said he went inside and it was gone 10 min later and that I should be a lock for mine. So I put a high quality regular bike lock on and a disk lock and it was always covered otherwise my guess is they would have taken mine first. Anyway, 2 days later I come out in the morning and my cover is half removed and the bike is slightly moved with the cable on the lock very tight and far away from the pole when I parked it very close. The cops told the other guy that some local thieves either used a tow truck or a truck with something rigged up where they pick up the bike and they are gone. After all this I rented a storage area in the building and freak people out by riding up on the sidewalks to park my baby now.

I wish I lived on the first floor 'cause I would have not only bought a nice bike but it would double as an easy-chair

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I have been lucky so far. I now park in a garage and secure my bike inside the garage.

However, I used to park outside under a car-port. I would use a large chain and lock the bike to a wheel on my car. I also covered the bike with a Dowco cover and run a small steel cable and lock that as well. Used a disc lock on the front and rear as well. I still felt like the bike could just walk away. It took me 10 mintues just to "unlock" the bike.

I hate parking anywhere out of site on trips as well, even if it is just at a gas station. In Dallas, there are professional thieves, and gone in 10 seconds is more like it.

Keep it safe!


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After many months of convincing my friend to ditch the cage and get a bike, he finally did just that. He got enough money out of his accord to pay off the loan, and pay cash for a bike. Trying to save money, he bought a cbr600 f2, and put only liability insurance on it. After two weeks of learning to ride, he started taking it everywere. A couple weeks later on a rainy night, he left it outside a friends house at the UofA. The next morning it was gone, he had no money, no insurance, and no bike. We had discussed alarms no more than two days before, but it was too late. After realizing that the bike was never going to be found, he financed a new F3, and makes sure that he always has FULL coverage.

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I've never had a motorbike lifted but I have had one of my mountain bikes stolen. All my mountain bikes are under the house insurance so I got fully compensated plus they caught the ****ers on the highway 1/2 hour later (my neighbour IDed them since he saw them pull up and steal it with their car). We pressed charges, went to court 6 months later, got them to pay restitution (500 deductible) plus I claimed to have a bunch of stuff on there that wasn't insured and got them to pay another 1000 bucks. Hey they **** with me I'll take them for everything they have

Kyle S.
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Yes, I had my '91 CBRF2 stolen from my apartment complex while I was away for a couple days. I filed a report and waited... I thought sure it was stripped in Mexico or something. The officer informed me that a new GSXR was stolen that same week from the same place and that retrieval was a slim chance. About 2 weeks later I got a call at work that my bike was recovered! Joy! I got it out of storage for 80 bucks with the ignition, gas cap, and helmet lock busted, along with some minor scratches on one side. The jerk even put a Honda automobile hood emblem (stolen more than likely) on the front of my bike. That glue is still there...I never found out if they caught the creep or not. Parts ran me $270 to fix it, I installed them myself. Needless to say, I have since moved from low rent territory.
And insurance is a good thing to have...I had none. Be thankful if its never happened to you. It'll make you mad, hollow, depressed, and sad all in one. The bike still runs great and looks great with 9000k
on it despite being violated....my poor baby....
Ya'll be careful.

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