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Hello New Member Needs Advice!

Hello All;
Looking for some input here. I am buying a new bike in a few weeks, and have narrowed the choice down to a few, but would like some input from anyone who rides one or has ridden all.
I used to ride an old tricked out GPZ from the 80's but haven't ridden in a few years so I have ruled out a few of the real performers like the GSX1000R and R1.
I am looking at a 2002 GSX750R. Aside from a mildly agressive seating position, this bike seems to have the power of the big bores, but the manners of the 600 and I just love it's fuel injection. What do you all think?
I am a Kawi man at heart, and am looking at the ZX9. There are two options here, as one dealer is offering me a fantastic price on last years model. I know people complain about the throttle transitions with this bike, and it is a big heavy machine with behind the times instrument panels and it's is still on carbs. But alot is said about this machine as doing it all very well, and being very comfortable to boot. I tend to trust the motor in a Kawi as well, but thats just brand loyalty. How big of a difference and is it worth a few thousand between the 2001 and 2002?
Last but not least I also am being offered a great deal on a last years RC51. I love the look of this bike, I love the idea of it bieng not so mainstream, Honda is a great company. BUT I have read the bike is terribly uncomfortable to ride highway, and it is also supposed to be hard on gas. Help?
My riding at this point in time will be on nice windy highways, and making 3 to five hour trips on my days off. I will occasionaly be taking a passenger. I am a fairly agressive driver, and appreciate performance and speed, but am very realistic about it. I mean I know that while it's nice to rip along at 250 kms per hour and still have throttle to kick in, how often are you going to be going that fast?
Thanks for any help.

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Nice selection of bikes all very good in different ways. They all have great speed, however chosing among them is going to be difficult. I am a kawi man myself, I like the heaviness of the bike because I enjoy interstate driving. Intersate driving with the big trucks, my bike does not easily get blown off the road. The kawi is plenty fast enough for me and I do feel relatively safe on it. The gixxer and the RC tend to be lighter and higher performance then the ninja. I have a friend who has a 2001 gixxer and says that he is lucky to be able to ride it for one hour before getting uncomfortable. I ride my ninja about two hours one way rather on a daily basis with no problems pertaining to comfort. I have been through Ontario and the highways are very spacious and wide open so that is a consideration. I hope this helps some.
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MAN.......... those are some hard choices... all GREAT machines.. you make me almost glad I don't have the money to spend on a newer bike. (ok maybe I'm takin' it just a little far)........ but my head hurts just thinkin' about it... the gsxr what a great twisty road bike (if you can ride it far enough to get to the twisties)... the zx9.... everyone I have talked to that rides them says they perform well beyond what they would have ever dreamed possible........ and the RC51, There's nothing like a big v-twin to get my adrenelin pumpin', the midrange powerband on the rc is nothing to joke about, if you get on it, you better know where you are goin' because you are gonna get there in a HURRY!!! Not to mention it's not too bad in the comfort dept.... I really don't know, you've got a tough decision ahead of you!

Good luck!
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Thanks guys...

Yes you can see my problem huh? I am in love with the looks of the RC51, the idea of the comfort plus performance of the ZX9 and the wonderful fuel injection and handling of the GSXR (not to mention the power is out of this world for a 750) It is a tough call. I am leaning towards the RC51 and the GSXR just because the Kawi is a little behind on technology, even if it's a proven design.
I love the RC51. Just looking at some of the members photo's on this site makes me want one even more. I need to know if they improved the fuel economy on the 2001 one model. I really won't buy a bike that may run out of gas all the time. I am a bush pilot in the northern areas of Ontario, and there are nothing but long windy roads and some long miles of straight empty highway with no traffic, but gas stations can be up to 2 to 3 hours appart....Next week I will have a bike again, can't wait but which one is for me?
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not that you'd choose the same, but I have been thinkin' I'd like an RC51.... but that's just me... (as you can probably tell, I have a bit of a honda bias)... but they are all GREAT bikes.
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From the great white north

i agree with just about everyone else on this decision of yours. its going to be tough. frequently i ride in the north aswell simply because of the twisties. where are you from exactly? im from Hamilton but i love to ride in the muskoka's. i am a honda man at heart and own the 02 f4i but id love the rc51. im stickin with the honda. my $0.02.
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How about the Blackbird?
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Things have gotten worse...

Well the Suzuki dealer has looked everywhere and there are no more 2002 750's left, so he has offered me a great deal on the GSXR 1000. It's alot of bike, the big question is is it too much bike for me. I like it and would buy it if I thought I could ride it with restraint and get the rust out. Most of my driving will be long empty highways with some nice turns, if I keep my right hand under control will I enjoy this bike? or will it get me into trouble?
I ruled out the Honda Blade because of alot of bad reports I read about instability, and chassis movement. I won't be on a track anytime soon, and want a good solid machine for these sometimes bumpy roads, the same with the R1, I don't need any shaking in the front end with my 6 years away from the cycles.
Can anyone out there give me an idea of the range and mileage of the 2001 RC51??? It's really the only thing holding me back from it aside from limited passenger comfort...
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A Convert...

I swore I would always ride an inline four until the day I died. But I said what the hell and two months ago I bought a Mille, my first twin. I have ridden an '01 GSXR 750 and an older generation ZX-9R through Deals Gap. The GSXR is an incredible machine out of the box...no doubt. My problem was that I had an R1 at the time and we all switched bikes. If you like floggin the throttle to make power you will like the GSXR. You have to ride it like a 600 (almost). I am used to powering out of turns at about 6-7k rpm on an R1 - if you tried that on a Gixxer 750, you would be lapped by the old guy on an amigo!!!

The ZX-9 (granted not the latest model) was an excellent powertrain, but it was a little heavy and not as flickable as the other bikes. But probably the best all around bike in the batch when you take 2-up into consideration.

Have not ridden an RC-51.

But I do own a couple of Milles and I have to say that it is the easiest bike to ride fast through the turns - tight ot fast sweepers - that I have ever owned or ridden. From actual engine braking aproaching the turns, to the confident powering out grunt exitting the turns, the confidence is high all the time.

I am riding faster on my Mille in two months than I ever did on my R1. I never fot the R1 to handle well and I had a ton of upgrades to the chassis.

The bottom line is that for me, I may never sway from a twin...of course I said that about inline 4's! The only complaint I heard about the RC51 is that it is underpowered. This is from a Duc 916 owner. Truly a beautiful bike though.

As far as riding 2-up, they all suck! Its just different levels of 'suckdom'.

IMHO, the gixxer (if you like to ride 600-style) or RC51 (if you want to grunt out of turns) if you're going to canyon carve primarily. The ZX-9 if you want comfort and a more all around bike for commuting, twisties, and 2-up.

I hope this helps ,
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I was passing through Kamloops last week during my 5600km sport tour on my 78 GS1000 and saw one brand new GSXR-750 at Riverside Suzuki. See if your dealer can get Riverside's stock transferred to him. I know that sort of thing is done with automobiles.
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