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hey all. i just started that microeconomics paper that i posted a question about a month ago - today (so what if it was due at 1 o'clock?). Anyway, im definitely doing it on harley, they just stick out from an economics standpoint - inelasticity of demand and whatnot.

From what i've read in bike magazines and stuff, it seems as if the sport, pastime, hobby, lifestyle, whatever you wanna call it - has gotten much more popular recently. if anyone can come up with some legit. reasons for why this is so, i'd really appreciate it. thanks again -- matt
(yeah, last paper of the year...one more week, then i'll ride till i run out of gas $!)
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Well I think part is the economy. In recent years more people have had expendable income. Whereas, in years past they might have seriously debated against buying a motorcycle(which for many is considered another "toy"), in the recent years they received money from investments and whatnot and felt comfortable spending the money. Also, due to the baby boomers there are more younger people alive than ever before. This provides a greater number in the age ranges from 18 or 19 on up into the 50's(includes baby boomers and their children). And another factor would be that younger people in many cases are making more money than their predecessors and thus, have more to spend on motorcycles and such. Or maybe it's because websites like this have sprung up, and more people see them and think it's damn cool. I dunno
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I'm not so sure motorcycling has become any more popular than it was say.... 10 years ago, or even 20 years ago....

Now, before ya break out the flame throwers!!! let me qualify that statement!

My definition of a motorcyclist is someone who RIDES! not poses. There is no doubt what so ever that motorcycle ownership has increased tremendously in the past 20 years. Owning a motorcycle has become a status thing and an indication of that is how many doctors, lawyers, dentists, ad nauseum, that grow a beard and trailer their bikes down to Daytona every winter.

But I seriously doubt that the number of what I consider riders has increased that much.

Now break out the flame throwers..... The guys with sport bikes.. (I'm putting on my asbestos vest!) who only take their bikes out on weekends, or just really nice days, don't fit my definition of a rider. Ya, ya, yer highly skilled at going fast straight line and in the twisties, there is no doubt about that. But how many of ya's still ride when there is snow and ice on the roads? Or keep on keepin' on through a deluge not seen since
Biblical times? How many of ya's would take the bike regardless of how far ya gotta go and no matter what kind of weather you will encounter? Especially if ya have a nice cage with windshield wipers and a heater just sitting there?

Ok, I'm being an elitist purist. So flame my old ass!
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i know a side benefit of my riding in the summer is the fuel savings.gas is getting friggin expensive,and when your cars need premium(65 plymouth big block and 84 buick grand national)the bike saves a hell of a lot of cash in the daily commute.

and sorry bikenut,but i'm not getting frostbite or soaked to the bone just to say i ride my bike to work year round!

"...life goes by so fast...you only want to do what you think is right...close your eyes and it's past...story of my life...

just thought i'd finish the thought for ya matt.i'm a huge social d fan.
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Talking Flamed!!!

I also spend time on the track, promote motorcycling, etc., and have been frost bitten, drenched, got to hide from a tornado, and a lifetime of other stuff. And no, never got into the so called "biker" lifestyle either. I very crankily pointed out the trend of modern motorcycling. I gave MY definition of a motorcyclist. Everyone is certainly free to agree/disagree.


Keep it coming!!!!! Flame on duuuudes!

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Re: Flamed!!!

i know what you guys are saying about who you believe is, and ISNT a true motorcyclist, however; for the paper, im not really all that concerned with how often one rides, just that they're pumping money into the industry (namely, harley). thanks for the imput though.
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In the last 10-15 years the older group has grown the fastest. Well their kids are now getting to the age of riding street bikes. The large increase in women riders has made an impact too.

Another key in the last 5 years has been TV coverage and marketing to the family riders. Look at Yami and Honda in the Mags. They have been running adds for two years now showing parents and their kids on matching dirtbikes. It is making a difference.

I also think that the Jap cruisers are making a difference. The intelligent enthusiasts are buying a more reasonable bike while the Dentists and Doctors are stuck with their image and ego to deal with. Harleys are an investment though. It is a damn shame, with its totally antique engineering, but it is the truth.

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Every recreation/sport has been getting more popular lately. Some claim a good economy is the cause, others say it is Americans and their toys, and so on and so on. Whatever the reason...motorcycling is no exception.
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Thumbs up

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Originally posted by Mongrel Racing
Then I guess I am just a poser in an ugly yellow suit. I most likely put in the least amount of miles per year here. Oh maybe 5 race weekends and another 6 to 8 track days. All good for an average of 150 miles or just under 2000 miles per year, but oh I bet my average speed is much higher than most.

I am every bit a motorcyclist and have been so for the past 25 years. I have committed much of my time to the education and promotion of positive motorcycling, and one of the last things I like to see is a categorization of motorcyclist i.e.. sportbike riders, cruisers, tour bike riders, commuters, or oh should I say it posers, and god for bid us racers. All own motorcycles and all ride there by they are motorcyclists pure and simple.
Well said, Mongrel! I agree 100%.

Give me a track for the bike, and the convenience of a van/truck/tent/cooler anyday. I'll gladly take the 2,000 miles on the track over the 20,000 miles on the street.
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