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Has anybody heard of the new Pentium-IV? Great processor right? You would pay the extra dough right?

The fact is this processor has a diode that will sense the temperature of the processor. Great safety huh? I don't think so. In order to keep itself cool it slows down the clock speed. This warming seems to happen alot. The processor will run at half the clock speed most of the time. Kind of sucks when you purchase one expecting 1.? gigahertz and your running at 500 mhz. AMD has one that runs just as fast but will not slow down.

I hope only a few are suckered by Intel's crap.
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Cyrix is the bomb. PHUCK INtel and AMD!

For real though: AMD is good stuff, and I've always had good luck with their product(s).
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What people don't understand is that there's not a big difference between an 800mhz and a 1.+ ghz, maybe just a point or two difference on the benchtests. This is all due to bandwidth of the processor (amount of info the processor can handle at any one moment). This is why the Apple G processors can be 500mhz and do more work than a 1ghz pIV. Saying a processor is faster than another based upon mhz is like saying, " My Eclipse is faster than a Corvette because it revs higher". Also, if you check out the test results........there's no difference between bench tests of the pIII and pIV. My advice would be to get a 800mhz athlon like i have and be just as fast but save some money.
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Chief: WTF? You look at the reviews and benchmarks! A 1.x gig machine is way way faster than an 800mhz one. Okay a 1.6ghz machine might not quite be twice as fast (probably around 1.8x as fast) as a 800mhz machine, but there is definate speed advantages in a faster clock speed for a given processor. I do see your point though about comparing clock speeds of DIFFERENT processors. The 1.5ghz P.IV is about equal in performance to a 1.2ghz Athlon, and about twice the price.

Also the reason there is no apparent difference between the PIII and PIV in SOME tests is that the PIV is not brilliant at running legacy applications (especially those that use x87 floating point stuff). However, you will find that applications written for the P.IV will kick the PIII's ass. Will they be written is a diff story.

Whether there is any software that can take advantage of the extra speed is another story also.

Current reviews of the Pentium IV @ 1.7ghz mention that the CPU never got hot enough in ANY of their tests that clock throttling took over. So I wouldn't be worried about that unless you're running without a heat sink and fan.

And no, I'm not an Intel fan. I think that the P.IV is piece of crap, and the AMD chips are a much much better investment.

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no matter how fast a processor is (800 vs 1.? G), if the bus is only 100 mhz it's gonna slow both of them down period. and don't forget about how much RAM you have in there too, and the HD, and on and on and on...
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my 2 cents

I'm goona have to go with bus speeds as the key to being fast..also the bandwith, and grade of the mem..i think plays a bigger role than procesor speeds as long as you are talking like 800mhz and up. The better the mem the faster you can run in a nut shell get a decent speed procesor and spent the real money on the memory and a fast board.
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I think the lines of this debate are somewhat blurring here. Chief was comparing different processor and what makes one faster than the other, whereas Jake would seemably be pointing out that given a processor, it will operate faster with a faster FSB. However, using the FSB speed between processors as a measure of performance is fairly useless:

The PIV uses Rambus (for now) which offers something like a 400mhz FSB. The Athlon-C uses DDR SDRM with an FSB speed of 266mhz. Is the PIV faster? Hell no.
Will interesting/amusing to see what happens when the PIV is coupled with SDRAM. Personally I think it will perform like a dog (AKA very slowly).

More memory bandwidth may not necessarily speed a system up. Look at the PIII. It was designed to used normal Single Data Rate (SDR) SDRAM. You hook it up with Double Data Rate (DDR) ram, and it barely performs any better.

The speed of a given platform is dependant on a huge number of variables, and the task that you are asking the platform to perform. There is no over-riding key factor that will make on faster than another.

Back to the original topic: don't buy a P4 - they're expensive, and don't perform as well as Intel might make out. I think that AMD's K7 chips (Duron and Athlon) are far better alternatives as far as price/performance (and for that matter performance alone) goes.
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I'm surprised that NO ONE has even mentioned the biggest factor in performance,everything else being equal, which is the chipset on the motherboard.....
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Originally posted by 748 abuser
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