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quitting smoking

alright after 3 years of smoking. i quit. haven't had one all day. i'm sweating like a bastard and i can't stop tapping my foot.

anyone do this before? have any recommendations?!

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Sure have. Here are a few points...

1. Fist week is the hardest. If you can make it past the first week, the rest is easy.
2. Patches work. Get the stage 2 kind. The first day on the patch you will feel like a warmed over zombie steak. Its pretty awfull. But you will no be wanting a smoke. After a month or two you should be done with all the patching, no need in going thru all the other steps. Oh, and they arent any more expansive than smokes. (Dont by the cheap kind. They got crappy glue)
3. Get yourself away from anyone that smokes. Designate your house as a no smoking zone if you havent already. If your friends smoke, ditch them for about a week, and hang out with someone who doesnt. Dont drink for the first week or two.
4. Watch out about 4-6 month after you quit, that seems to be the time everyone picks it back up.

Good luck!

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Thanks Vash!

Well on the way home from school today I picked up some patches and you're right...I feel like crap! I'd almost rather have a cig...wait no.

I've told friends that smoke that I can't hang out for the next few weeks already. The part that sucks is that my 22nd birthday is on Oct. 16th and I'm going to want to go out. I know I shouldn't drink cause it's just milk and cookies to me. Beer + cig, cig + beer...it's all the same.

My motivation for quitting came when I met the mom at work where she administers chemotherapy as an oncology nurse. Ok man that was enought to convince me to quit smoking.

How long have you not been smoking Vash?

thanks again...although i have to ditch these patches as soon as i can ><
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My compliments to your effort to quit smoking & do hope that your make it.

At 77 yrs of age I have never touched a fag (old word for a cigarette by the Brits back in the 40s to 60s & still fitting), or touched any form of tobacco. Not touched liquor or touched illegal drugs. No I am not a religious nut for my parents were very heavy smokers, both died due to lung cancer from smoking, just that I was more keen on my sports which required good breathing.

From a baby & on for ages I suffered due to nagging headaches, butr when riding the headache went, but back home, in our m/c shop, with friends & such it was the nagging headaches. I received various forms of glasses, medication & such. Also when in the hospital the nurse or doctor would ask how many fags did I smoke a day & with NONE they would give me that look of knowing I was lieing.

Big drive going on in Canada of NO SMOKING in purblic buildings meaning Govt buildings, restaurants, any malls & such. My headaches are no longer. It seems I was suffering, all those yrs, through Second Hand Tobacco Smoke.

No longer do I wake up in the morning to pick up some of the same jeans or t-shirt & notice its terrible smell of stinking tobacco. So they go into the washing machine to where it is FRESH clothing to even my darn socks if I notice the smell of OLD tobacco smoke.

At the gun range again a NO SMOKING place though lots of powder used in shooting h/guns indoors. Still we use to go upstairs to chat a bit about f/arms to political matters. Just one chap still smoked & each time I came home I noted AGAIN I was with a headache & my clothing stunk the next day.

I felt it was in mind, to where if I did not go upsairs then I did NOT have the headache no stinking clothing. Just one that smoked just one fag while the other 5 to 8 chaps did not & we did not ask him to stop smoking as he had shot with us for years.

He halted smoking, but to late & cannot even shoot any longer. So it can really get you even the hard way.
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Last time I quit was close to a year ago, before that I had a 2 month stint of smoking (dated a girl that smoked) and another 6-8 months free before that. Hopefully, I wont pick that habit up ever again. I got into exercising here lately, and you can definetly tell the difference between being a smoker and not.

If I were you, I would postpone the b-day party, I'm sure your friends would understand. Its just too damn hard to get any sort of willpower working when drunk.

The awful patch feeling goes away by day 2, and should be completely gone by day 3. Remember the feeling, for if you start again, well, you'll have to feel like that again..

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Originally posted by Vash
Last time I quit...

In God, we trust; all others must provide data.
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lol mr. tree i caught that too...hey i've "quit before" as well!

Mr. Smitty...I know what you mean by the clothes smelling and the headaches. Last time I quit , I was absolutely appalled by the smell of cigs...I couldn't be around them or else I'd get a super sick feeling. That must have been awful to have suffered from the 2nd hand as a young kid...you didn't even know better!

I'm glad that California has designated that public places are smoke free. Go Canada for following in it's footsteps!

Vash...I sure hope this feeling goes away from the patches by day two. Hopefully it is not possible to become addicted to the patch >< ugh. I've started smoking before when talking to or dating women that smoke. Why is it the women that do this to us?!

By the way...I think I'm just going to go out for sushi with a few friends and avoid the partying for the birthday...I'd be way less likely to smoke a cig than if I was out drinking. Good advice man thanks.
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On another board a chap that has smoked steadily for some 30 yrs has found CHANTIX to be the killer of smoking & raves about it. So hope it helps. Possibly it is a perscription though I really do not know. Others are using it & saying the same.
When you think of it as kids we went through a lot of things. After all all my friends smoked & for some reason I did not. My passed away Mother thought she knew what made me this way.

She was a top rate vocalist in classical, but also Jazz while my Dad with tops with a Baby Grand Piano that took up a special room in our home. So there were a maze of other musicans that use to come to our home to drink, smoke, & play music.

So this morning my parents are to have b/fast when she can't spot me though minutes ago I was in the kitchen, but cannot go far, for I was only in crawling stage of life. Surprise as I come into the kitchen from the living room & throw up. Parents look & realize tradationally so many use to put a glass of booze down beside their sitting place & dump the fag in it. It seemed I had guzzled down said booze & swallowed said fags to become sick. Anyway that was her belief. LOL
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.Smitty...oh man I bet that's why you never smoked! If I was a young kid that drank a cup of liquor with a burned out cig in it I'd sure as heck never smoke if I had the chance! Your mother must have been right .

You're not the first person who has mentioned the medicine Chantix to me. I've heard it makes the smoke taste like ammonia and is super super repulsive tasting. If my methods fail me, I will consider the medication. I'd assume that insurance covers this.
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Quitting's easy, I've done it a hundred times.

Seriously, the last time I quit it was cold turkey. I was down in Florida for a week and just decided that I wasn't going to smoke anymore. I was visiting my dad, and we'd have drinks with and after dinner, which really made it tough for me, but willpower was high for some reason.

The hardest thing to deal with, and it doesn't go away anytime soon, is the habitual part of smoking. For me, it was worst when getting off of work, because I would always light one up on the way out to my car. And working over 20 miles from home, I'd always smoke a couple on the way. Gum/sunflower seeds helped out a lot there. Never tried patches or pills, so I can't offer any advice there. I did hear a stat the patches are only 7% effective, so I guess you gotta really want to quit.

Definitely stay away from friends that smoke for a while, and stay out of bars, clubs if smoking is allowed there. And stay away from dating women that smoke because it's a sure-fire way to start again.

Good luck.

"The only difference between death and taxes is that death doesn't get worse every time Congress meets."
-Will Rogers
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