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Pretty fubar.


Mom Let Son, 7, Be Abused, Police Say
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By LISA A. DAVIS [email protected]

Published: Mar 30, 2006
NEW PORT RICHEY - When the mother first heard a neighbor had raped her 7-year-old son, she confronted the man and threatened to call police.

That's when she stopped acting like a concerned parent and began negotiating, police said Wednesday.

She accepted $600 in hush money and let the neighbor molest her son again, Lt. Jeffrey Harrington said.

"We don't know if this was supposed to be an ongoing arrangement," he said.

An anonymous tip Monday led investigators to the woman's home on Jefferson Street,north of downtown.

The neighbor, Nicholas Quiles, 48, was arrested that day on two counts of capital sexual battery - felony charges that could put him away for life if he's convicted.

After investigating further, detectives arrested the boy's mother Tuesday. The Tampa Tribune is not printing her name to protect the child's identity.

She faces one count each of capital sexual battery and child abuse.

The woman was candid with police about her involvement in the case, Harrington said.

"She wasn't overly upset," he said. "She wasn't cavalier. It wasn't matter-of-fact. It was more conversational."

Harrington said this is the first time he's heard of a parent allegedly selling a child for sex.

"There are definitely oddities to this case," he said. "I hope we never have to investigate anything like this again."

The sexual assaults happened in the first two weeks of February, Harrington said.

The boy first confided to his 11-year-old sister that Quiles did "bad things to him," the girl told a detective.

Her brother later told authorities the sex acts happened when he was alone with the neighbor.

The two children, plus their toddler brother, were taken to a safe place Tuesday. The investigation continues, and so far there's no evidence the woman's daughter and younger son were sexually abused, Harrington said.

Young survivors of such crimes face a long road to recovery, said Lois Mueller, a licensed psychologist who practices in Port Richey.

"It really does set a person up to be a victim for most of their life unless they get treatment," she said. "I think intervention is the key here, real treatment."

Boys and girls handle the aftermath of abuse differently, said Mueller, who was speaking in general and not about a specific case.

When girls grow up, they tend to be more protective, especially of their children, but can end up in relationships with abusers. Boys are more likely than girls to become abusers themselves, the psychologist added.

When a parent is the abuser or knows about the abuse, Mueller said, the child's feelings for the mother or father become confused. Sometimes parents don't intervene because they think they need the abuser psychologically or economically.

In the New Port Richey case, Harrington said, it seems money motivated the unemployed mother, who has a criminal history of prostitution and drug possession.

Neighbors Rob and Jackie Willie said Wednesday the young family moved in less than a year ago, and they have seen the 7-year-old boy go alone to Quiles' apartment.

"I said to myself, 'Why is he going over there?'" Jackie Willie said.

The Willies said they have given the children food and clothes.

Quiles has no record in Florida of previous sexual abuse convictions.

The 30-year-old mother, meanwhile, pleaded no contest to marijuana possession in 1996, and the Pinellas court withheld a formal finding of guilt, records show.

In June, she pleaded no contest to a prostitution charge in Hillsborough County. Again, adjudication was withheld.

The mother and Quiles were being held without bail at the Land O' Lakes jail Wednesday.

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Wow. That is one twisted mother. She shouldn't have had gotten pregnant in the first place, much less have three kids. History of drug posession, history of prostitution, unemployed, AND selling her kids sexually. There's a fine example of someone who should have gotten her tubes tied long, long ago.
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In todays world kids have to learn that they too have to bring home the bacon, any way they can. Personally I would have chose a paper route or something.

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Its pretty sad. The funny thing is that Vash finds this article and he lives in Texas but I haven't heard a word about it on the news (I dont read the paper often). This reads like one of those trailer trash things you would see on Cops or something.

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Hi All-

I completely agree with late0tt_156 on this.

Given her pathetic and sordid history, there is nothing wrong with a court-mandated period of birth control such as the Norplant device. Once she had proven herself capable of staying out of jail, off drugs and alcohol, and gainfully employed, she could petition to be able to have children again. This unfortunate little kid was destined to become a victim of his depraved and twisted mother the moment he emerged from the womb.

~ Blue Jays ~
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Then we wonder how many other children are being abused by their parents or parent. It is a wierd world out there now. Back in the 30s there was basically none of this going on.

Like my parents home was only 4 blocks away from the railway lines & close to town meaning it was a good place for the hobows to drop of the freight cars rather then getting cuffed by the police railway guards.

So often even as a little kid I use to speak to them for sometimes they would ask if my Mother needed some work to be done for a cup of soup to even a few of them willing to sharped her kitched knives to even her sizzors & yes they were carry their limited stones to do the job & my Mother always counted on them to do a beautiful job on her knives & especially sizzors.

Or they would dig the garden part at this time of season to other things. We had no fear of those men. NOW kids run away from adults & will not even look you in the eyes.

Also I was GREAT for wandering away from home & after a while my Mom & Dad just had to phone the city police & they would ask what I was wearing, if anything (for I tended to wander away when it was hot in July & August for I had the ability to climb the home fence) & would usually find me at a yard of some old cats, shovels, cranes & such.

My parents found the answer, to me running away, was a British Bulldog, for they do not want to wander any distance & that kept me closer to home & besides such dogs cannot climb home fences.

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Bit of a shocker to-day IF this is really true. For it was only reported on one of the two main TV news stations in Cdn.

From what I understand to-day up in Edmonton Alberta Cdn., capital city of the Province of Alberta. This young 8 yr old girl at the start of morning recess went into the elementy school washroom only to be raped by a man of black skin, possibly 30 yrs of age & brown hair was with streaks of red. That is it still pretty darn foul or should I come up with a better word or two.

Possibly the other across Cdn news station did not report the above because of the demand of the small school & possibly the parents. Who knows & was this true or not, for it is sort of a first in Cdn & definately Edmonton.

Possible he was the new school janitor & he did nothing more then scare her in being in the washroom, thinking the classes would be out & that is what led to her story.

Note the % of black population in Edmonton is pretty darn small so in some cases they are not seen that often by kids. I lived back there in early 40s & late 50s & never saw a black man or woman or person. Though things have changed since I am sure.

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Wait a second... so you're telling me that a janitor scared a little girl by being in the bathroom when he thought classes were out, and the story somehow got mangled into "he raped her?"
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Originally posted by Smitty
Then we wonder how many other children are being abused by their parents or parent. It is a wierd world out there now. Back in the 30s there was basically none of this going on.
I dont know if I would go so far as to say none of it was going on as to say none of it was known to be going on. Stuff like this has been around since... forever. There are always have been pervs and peds, atleast there will always be until the world adopts a manditory test to prevent certain people breeding or we allow kids to carry wepons, they already shoot better than most police anyways.

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Sorry gang for I should have latched onto this. The bit about possibly a janitor was just guessing since of the two main Cdn TV stations did not mention it, so was going on a bit of guessing though felt I was close to the truth for I happened to hear said Edmonton elementry school had been closed. Of interest nothing of this matter has been mentioned to-day so possibly there is still a hush-hush on it. Still this is what I obained from the main Edmonton, Alberta paper:

Grade 2 girl molested in school washroom
'This is our highest-priority case,' chief says
View Larger Image
Students at Oliver school hug after a lockdown prompted by the sexual assault of a Grade 2 girl was lifted Monday.
Photograph by : John Lucas, The Journal
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Font: * * * * Bill Mah, The Edmonton Journal
Published: Tuesday, April 04, 2006
EDMONTON - A Grade 2 girl was sexually assaulted in the Oliver school washroom Monday morning, touching off a massive police investigation and prompting fears from concerned parents.

The girl was on her way to the playground with friends as recess began at the elementary-junior high school at about 10:15 a.m. when she decided to make a stop at the washroom first.

"When she got into the bathroom she found she wasn't alone," said police spokesman Jeff Wuite. "There was a strange male in one of the stalls in the girls' bathroom. He grabbed her, sexually assaulted her, then left."

The man groped her, police said.

"The girl collected herself and managed to get to a teacher," Wuite said. "That is when the teacher called EPS."

Police arrived six minutes later, Wuite said, and the case became the department's top priority.

The girl, whose name and age were not released, received a bump to her head. She was taken to Stollery Children's Hospital and treated by doctors, then questioned by officers.

Forty officers have been assigned to the investigation, police said.

Some will check files across Canada looking for similar cases.

"I want to stress to everyone, this is our highest-priority case," police Chief Mike Boyd said outside the school. "There is nothing of more priority in this city at this time.

"You have parents that are expecting that their children will be safe when they drop them off at school," he said. "This is why this case has to be our top priority."

Several patrol officers fanned out from the school, visiting walk-up apartments, condos, stores and bungalows near the red-brick school at 10227 118th St., just west of the downtown core. They handed out letters from the school informing parents of the attack and giving a description of the attacker.

Police were looking for a black man about 30 years old who wore a red and white jacket. His medium-length black hair was streaked with orange or yellow.

Boyd asked Oliver school parents to inform police if they hear anything from their children they think might be important to the investigation.

Immediately after the attack, the school went into a "security alert," meaning all outside doors were locked for about two hours. The doors were unlocked just before lunch and classes continued for the day.

Edmonton Public Schools spokeswoman Jane Farrell said Oliver school normally locks all doors, only unlocking the southeast door to give children access to the playground for recess.

Farrell said starting today a supervisor will be stationed at the door to let students in and out.

Two counsellors were sent to the school to help students or staff deal with their fears about the attack.

Some parents heard about the attack on the news or from other parents and came to pick up their children early.

"I heard the news and I was little bit scared," said Angela Correa, the mother of a Grade 9 student.

"I hope there will be more security in school. More cameras and maybe more teachers. Maybe someone should take the children to the washroom and check first."

The word "rape" was used by the TV media when it should have been "sexually molested", but at the time it was news only one of two major TV stations had. Still even the latter is a bit frightening to parents of children attending elementary schools.

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