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Is anyone following the cartoon fiasco?

It has muslims around the world riled up. Flag burning is getting particulalry intense... But europeans keep on printing them.. Are they just trying to piss people off. Nope.. something about freedom of speech is sacred.


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Keeping up with the economics...

Didnt anyone think it was abit strange that it was the danes of all people who started this whole cartoon thing...
Denmark is the third largest oil producer in Western Europe

Nope.. Not strange at all. Freedom of speech or attack on the competition?

I'm guessing abit of both.

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MSNBC has a fairly good story on this.

This IS a freedom of speech issue.
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But someone Did make a freedom of press issue out of it didnt they? Those cartoons didnt crawl into a paper all by themselves? and they just happened to crawl into a paper of the nation that is a large oil supplier, and they happened to piss of the rest of the world's oil suppliers. you gotta look at motives...

That said, yeah I completely agree with the newspapers. Even if they were writing jokes about russians, I'd still agree. There is no guaranteed right not to be offended, and all this PC crap is BS.

So why isnt the US media printing the cartoons?

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Hi Vash-

My guess is because everyone around the globe tip-toes around Muslims and their so-called outrage over perceived slights.

Thousands of students staged violent marches in Pakistan shouting, "Death to Denmark!" and "Death to France!" while burning flags of both countries. There were gunmen holding journalists hostage over this cartoon seeking apologies. In some cases, the captive journalists weren't even affiliated with the newspapers who printed the pictures! These terrorist monsters are too wild-eyed with murderous intent to even think rationally.

The sooner that decent and peace-loving people around the world (not just Americans) understand that we are in a war for civilization, the better we'll find ourselves. The movement of violent Wahhabism/Islamism must be stopped. They are bloodthirsty fundamentalists and will only be satisfied when the "Infidels" are dead.

~ Blue Jays ~
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How about Salman Rushde and his Satanic Verses? I think there is still a "hit" order on him issued by Muslim leaders. My feeling is that most average Muslims don't really care a whole lot about perceived insults. It is the gangster mentality of the Muslim world's leadership that wants to keep things stirred up for their own purposes and direct the anger, any anger, away from them.
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Anyone see a trend here? Religion... created to control the illiterate and ignorant masses... now responsible for the steady decline and downfall of mankind. The cause for more wars than anything I can think of, we have religion to thank for terrorism, impossible peace, and one hell of a headache. If you're so afraid of the unknown we call death... then fine, have your religion. But don't press it on others. And surely don't get so pissy when someone makes a cartoon strip about it that you would tell your followers to go to war and cut off heads over it. It's a goddamn cartoon. This is how rediculous religion has become. What was originally designed to be a guidline to living a good moral life is now degenerated to an excuse to destroy other nations. Morphed and mutated while used by political leaders, religion has lost its use. I swear, the only reason that religions talk of armageddon is because they will be responsible for it! If you're that insecure and psycho about your beliefs that a cartoon strip insites riots and calls up war... so be it. I'll go to war and have no problem sending your pathetic petty little ass to whatever it is you call God!

(in case you couldn't tell, this shit pisses me off!)
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In truth I am surprised that it was a Danish paper that started it & also surprised a French paper showed what all the fuss was about, feeling it was the right of their paper & freedom of speech. Considering France has so many Muslims. Though look at all the masses of Muslims at so many other countries are raising a stink with mobs of them on the streets declairing war on Denmark, France & the very country they are living in presently.

Good posts Blue Jays, Desert-Lad & roadstains. I think something is so worng in that one religious group, in said countries can raise such a stink only they know the Govts of said country have become so soft they will not be throwen in jail or shot on the spot.

Unfortunately the muslim religion is just as crazy as the Christian one though they have so many, in the Muslim religion, that feel the white people & all of other religions are infidels that should be killed.

Also in said Western Countries they are realizing if they do the same there is a good chance they will give the muslim radicals mor reason to start bombing & killing people of that country as the USA, UK, Spain, Indonesia & so many others. After all to strap on a suicide bomg to walk into a place crowded with humans, mainly of not muslim religion, & your death is awarded by who knows what when you are dead.

Obviously our countries & the laws are far, far to soft. Though that is not the full answer other then to say why many countries are not making fun of the muslim religion or their beliefs.
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Cartoons and article - click here (NSFW?)

The cartoons are in the article at the above link.
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Had some time to think about it, and here is why this scenario doesnt sit right with me.

While we could very well be on the verge of ww3 (it might have begun already) I think most will agree that we'd rather not have an all encopasing, biblical style war. The strategy has been devide and conquer. Arab countries have been at each others throats for as long as they have been around, so we're picking them off one by one.
An insult like that only unites them. And how does that help us?

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