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What's up, all?

I'm wondering about these Kryptonite locks. I know about the vulnerability of the circular keys, and it seems (per their site) that the company has gotten on top of this problem.

The other day, as I was performing a little maintenance on the ol' R1, I noticed some human vermin checking out my garage / bike. This has me thinking about a lock, mainly something in the NY line, either the 'Fahgettaboudit', or the 'NY Noose/w disc lock'.

I have some concerns.
Has anyone in here ever used and been let down by a Kryptonite product?
Which company, in your opinions, makes the best disc lock?
If Kryptonite does in fact suck, which locks / products would you recommend?

I know the best I can do is slow them down, that's all I'm interested in doing. These MF'ers did not look like pros. At best, I would call them smack freaks, so I'm none too worried about their picking / torching abilities.

Many thanks,
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Cannot give any advise on said locks. Though when it comes to a garage I FEEL(?) I will slow those down from getting in & stealing my bikes.

While there is the normal electronic lift up front door I do not enter that way. One needs to find the side entrance, near the rear, which also requires working one's way through the carport, with a normal door handle lock & dead-lock bolt. Once in you do not press the button to lift up the door for it is the same as the button code entrance in the front for neither will lift up the door UNLESS one walks to the fron, from inside, & on the right is this piece of large front fork tubing that is BLOCKING the door from being lifted up.

Remove that then press the button at the inside & up comes the door. Roll out the bike I will be riding. Step inside again to press the same button to bring down the door, put in that part of the fork tube, walk out the side entrance close to rear & lock up both locks.

Now I feel I can take off without someone breaking in with such ease. It is the same procedure to get the bike back in again.

What I have done is discourged crooks & since my home/garage is at the bottom of a T of a road then those up & down that street will see if something funny is going on outside of my home.

Also this is a small town that does not even have an electronic stop light so people tend to look out for each other.

Like you I am subject to anyone stealing my bike when it is parked on the street ONLY I do not leave the bike longer then a few minutes & in most cases I will be in for a cuppa at a restanrant & be sure the bike is within easy of watching throughout my time at the restaurant.

Funny little incident a few yrs ago is like on my 6 to 8 hr runs on the hwys I tend to take a rest & break at some small restaurant of where my bike is seen through the door or window & in the case of several I take the back table of a small place & am in constant view of my bke.

Now the owner of one of these places is a young woman with a lot of curves & big boobs. Finally came over & said something in a way you younger people might say & I had to explain NO NO I was not looking at YOU, but still eyeing my m/c & doing some thinking.

I found out later I was almost due for a fist in the kisser from her. Now we are the best of friends, as are the others that work there & fellow customers. Fact is she found out I had been in the clothing business for some 20 plus yrs so being a small town I help her when she is picking out some piece of clothing from a catalogue due to my better understanding & what can be left out or such.
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my 2004 R6 was chained to a bike rack with a NY Fahgettaboutit chain. it was stolen. the chain was blow-torched. they also attempted to steal my friends bike a few feet away the same night. his was also locked with the same chain. for what ever reason they didn't finish the job. it was 1/4 of the way blow-torched.

moral: no chain, lock, garage, etc is fool-proof. if someone wants it bad enough, they will get it. theyu best you can hope to do is slow them down enough so they get caught or that don't want to make the effort. my "new" 2003 R1 will have about 3 different locks on it this summer. hopefully, blow-torching 3 locks will take to long to bother with.

i'v also heard someting about a German lock company called Aribus (or someting like that) which is supposed to be way better than Krypto chains, but who knows.

attached is a pic of what was left of my chain (notice the 1/2 a link on the ground)

-chris sedition
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I bought an instructional kit to learn how to compromise locks. I'll tell you what...If someone want your bike, it's as good as gone.
It's sad but true. They just need to have the right tools for the job. The best you can hope for with ANY lock, is that it MAY slow them down a bit and at least you'll keep the small thieves from getting away with your prized posession. They pick those kryptonite locks with a bic pen. When I saw it the first time, I almost fell out of my chair. I have actual locksmiths 7&8 pin tube lock picks that I spent quite a few bux for. :-(
Don't think for a second that ANY of my intentions were ever for dishonest purposes. I am forever losing my keys.
After some practicing, I can pick a master lock and most residential door locks in about 2 minutes. Cars/bikes are another ballgame. You need specialized equipment for that and it's a FELONY. (not like opening up a house lock isn't) ;-)
It's a handy trick to know,either way, just in case. :-)
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When I was way younger we'll even now I know people who steal. And a lock is the last thing they are worried about. You wanna keep you bike do a few things. Park it in a lighted place. Put it in a position were it would be hard for two or three people to lift it out. Garage it and alarm it. Other than those things the bike is gone. What I mean by carrying it. Make it to were a van or truck cannot be backed up to within about 10 to 15 feet from it. I have seen two guys back up to my house(just to show me)throw my ZX6RR on the back of there truck and drive away in a record 54 seconds.
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Also when I was younger then falconeight our bikes in the late 40s & early 50s did NOT have ignition locks on them or any locking systems.

As 95% of the bikes were singles & as most of us carried a spark plug spanner I would remove the good sparkplug & put in one that would not fire up the bike & that was considered more non-stealing support then others did or even waste their time in doing.

Just goes to show how times have changed in something like 58 yrs.
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Thanks, guys!

Thank you all for your suggestions. I have gone along with Smitty's idea of beefing up the outer garage entry, and also decided to throw a hasp on the garage-to-family room door.

This will make it take enough time so that my neighbors would notice and call the coppers, not to mention forcing the vermin to go in through the house, where I most likely will be waiting with a 1911. (Yeee-haw for the 2nd amendment!)

All regards,
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sidewaysducati, since you noted you'll work the garage security, let me throw in to that concept what I know.

Most home break-ins are done through a garage because the house door isn't locked. This is done either by wirelessly scanning the code from a dip-switch style garage door opener (GDO) or breaking a window. So, if you really want to go an extra kilometer (), you could consider changing to a rolling code GDO (one brand even uses military-style encryption). Also, you could consider ensuring the garage windows are either 1) visible from the street and not obscured by bushes/trees or 2) constructed such that breaking in would be exceptionally difficult. Think glass block or double/triple pane with a window lock (not a sash closure, which are easy to open).

Having just finished the GDO myself, thought I'd offer the insights I've picked up recently. Best of luck!

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I am just curious as to why some are so afraid of the garage getting broken into? I hope somebody breaks into my garage, I have a good homeowners policy that covers everything in my garage including: my SUV and my bike. I'll just buy a brand new R6 or R1. I really do not keep any valuables (besides the bike and SUV) in my garage, but somewhere else NO-Body knows about.

"The good, & the evil; there never really is one without the other...!?"
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Drill press, grinder, compressor, 10" & 7.5" hand power saws, table saw, power sanders, different mobile power drills, maze of best of tools, three sportbikes, two vices & on & on it goes.

By the way NO windows in my garage & a dead-lock bolt is a bit,though not that much, better then a hasp on my side/rear entrance.
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