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View Poll Results: How do you fair in poor weather conditions?
PRO-Rally Driver! (I AM ALL THAT IS MAN) 4 23.53%
Semi- Pro Rally Driver! ( I AM better than the next) 8 47.06%
GO Kart Racer ( Slippin a Bit) 4 23.53%
I drive a Brand Spankin new SUV ( poor excuse for i can not drive) 1 5.88%
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How about snow driving

i think i would rate myself at about a so- so level......I do have to admit though driving in the snow here in PA, is FUn as hell sometimes.

NOw watch on my way to school i am in a serious car wreck!

Well anyway how would you rate yourself?!

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Some days are like this.
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I voted "I drive an SUV", but in my defense, I grew up in CA and had never driven in the snow. Now that I live in IN and it snows, spicersh has taken me out in my little Cavalier to get the feel for it in deserted parking lots...

I'm still a chicken and whenever the roads are bad, I take the Montero - 4WD, especially now that we have an infant. If it was just me slip-sliding my way up the street.. meh, no biggie, but not with the baby.

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Pro Rally Driver all the way!!! I live for heavy snow, when the roads are empty and it's just you and your car, doing "the dance" on the pedals... God, I wish it was snowing here!!!

When the Subaru WRX Sti first came to the states I made an appointment to test drive it. The day of my test drive it snowed heavily, so much so that when I showed up at 4pm for my test the salesman couldn't believe that I had actually showed up 'cause every other appointment that day had cancelled...too much snow. He was more excited than me to take the car out and test its snow capabilities. As the car warms up he gives me the sales pitch and then asks me what driving/racing experience I have. I explain my background to him and he gets this big cheeseburger grin... We head out onto the road and we're literally the only car on it. I run through the gears and get used to the car's controls and feel. He asks me if I want to have fun and tells me to take the next right... I oblige. You know when you find one of those quiet, twisty side roads lined with trees that seems to have been closed off just for you? He tells me to "go for it" and before he's done saying "it" I'm on all 3 pedals pitching the car into the first right hander, tail out the whole way, snow spraying behind us. The rest of the test ride was intense, tail out on every corner, and actually jumped the car over a train track!

We get back to the dealership and we're both giggling like schoolkids. The manager of the dealership greeted us at the door, arms folded, pissed as hell. Apparently we had passed his wife who was parked on a sidestreet... we were in a full drift at the time. He was pissed, for a moment, until he asked us how the car handled and we both started laughing. Damn, I wish I had bought that car!

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I'm pretty good, however I am not "all that is man". I grew up in PA driving in the snow in my 2 wheel drive truck. And the great thing about it was that it was a POS, so it really didn't matter if I bumped it into a few things. Never did though. I have since bought a 2 wheel drive mustang off my brother that goes just as shitty in the snow, but is nicer and I'm a little more cautious in it.

And like dan said, those wrx's are really fun to drive. I drove my friends car, and have wanted one ever since.

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Originally posted by slaintedan
Pro Rally Driver all the way!!! Damn, I wish I had bought that car!
Why in the hell did you not buy that car!! That car is FOOKING GReat, that much power, all wheel drive, THat thing is a Dream!!!!!!
i Wish, O i wish!!!
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Originally posted by QuickCoCo1
Why in the hell did you not buy that car!! That car is FOOKING GReat, that much power, all wheel drive, THat thing is a Dream!!!!!!
i Wish, O i wish!!!

When that car first came to the states dealerships were starting bidding wars for the limited units they had. Guys were paying so much above sticker that it was just silly. I looked into financing and leasing, but the depreciation on a Subaru is high and the monthly payment on the car was way more than on a Mercedes E class or BMW 5 series! If I were loaded I would have paid cash for the car and been smiling ever since, but I'm still working for a living like the rest of you so my WRX Sti dream will have to wait. I comfort myself by thinking that when the time comes I can pay cash for a rally toy they will probably have something soooo much better than the Sti!!!
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Well look at it this way in the fact that I have lived in Western Canda all my 74+ yrs so snow/ice or you name it has been a part of life.

Which includes frozen toes, hands, ears, cheeks, nose, & just fingers.

Like any parent my Father tought me to drive & no such thing as Driving Schools at the high schools or private driving schools. We all learned it the hard way.

So that means 58 yrs of to & from work or any A to B & back again be two wheel drive or 4 wheel drive. Like so many my age my preference is still for rear wheel drive over front wheel drive.

Guess I have driven 4-wheel drive since late 40s on & off & have had a 4-wheel drive since '63 yet at home with 2 wheel drive.

To get to the gun range & back again due to the extreme steepness & tight turns of the private road (at illegal standards to any city or you name it) the 4-wheel drive is a MUST & those without will arrange to be waiting for use, at the base, with 4-wheel drives to take them up to the range for over 75% of use have 4-wheel drive units.

The roads around my home are about the last to be touched by the comunity so when the snow comes down I never shovel out the driveway & just back-out with 4-wheel drive & manage the messed up local roads on the same.

Never had an automotive accident in those 58 yrs (how do you chaps rate?) & no speeding or road violation tickets for my way of driving. Though in my time my cages (& m/cs) have been hit while legally parked by those that are lousy in driving.

Lastly in my 11 yrs as a Fruit Orchardist I was in executive postions of our businesses & for 10 yrs those with powerful & good looking next to new American cars would all hitch a ride with me to some specialy meeting be it 50, 90 or 225 miles there & back in my 4-wheel drive, in the winter time be it my small '47 CJ-4 Jeep or whatever DUE to my experience in driving under snow or ice conditions & in turn I rode with them in the Summer trips & often drove their big cages.

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Snow driving is not a big deal. Just don't drive like an asshole and you're fine. Take off slower, leave more room to stop, turn slower, etc.

Like Smitty, I'd much rather have a rear wheel drive on snow/ice. I don't care what studies have shown, I can control a rear wheel drive car better than a front wheel drive one anyday.

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I get a huge kick out of the large number of awd and 4wd vehicles in the ditch around here. Had a '79 Caprice Classic when I was up in the UP for a few years. Never got stuck or spun out unless I felt like screwing around. Now I have a '01 Tracker with 4wd. If it weren't for the short wheelbase of the Tracker the 4wd would probably never be engaged.
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Here it is, the first big snowstorm of the year (at least 18" expected) and I don't have a car to play with.
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