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Close to a final post from who you know and love

Well I can see that nothing has changed. Someone might ask me why do you care about a forum at all. Its not like whatís being said there has anything to do with the way the world works or will tomorrow.

Itís a good question. Why care about a Sport bike forum where you canít ask the hard questions. Where there is no freedom of speech and you can only say the things people want you to say.

To be fair I suppose that from Roberts position he sees SportBikeworld as his own little country where he can dictate the rules. I donít have a problem with this. The Internet allows you to do this exact thing. Man I didnít know Robert felt as strong as he did until yesterday. When I left last time it seemed like everything was peachy. Really no reason for it. I just asked a simple question.

So I am thinking that what I have a problem with is that so many admins and mods at SportBikeworld take themselves seriously when they have no right. You simply donít have the right to be haughty and judgmental when you donít stand up for the difference between right and wrong.

Another thing I canít fathom is why all the admins and Mods walk on eggshells and seems to dislike my comments so much here. In my life things are good. Hell Iíve gotten 4 raises and promotions in just the past year at my job. People are always asking me to do things with them. I mean always. So I canít be a friggin troll. Maybe something is lost through words alone here. Or maybe whatís really going on is that somehow I gained power here. Power caused by truth. So much so that the admins here and the mods here felt there little piece of it was slipping away and have to do something to ebb the flow. A bit odd of an idea but is there another plausible explanation?

I donít dislike anyone here. I just ask questions. I question they funny way this place is run. Its like you all have gotten together to goad yourselves on, pat yourselves on the back and tell each other ďyouíre the man.Ē. Hard for me to understand but I think I am beginning to. Maybe you have nothing else in your life. You have a bike that you ride (maybe) and the rest of the world doesnít mean anything to you. Probably because you were the kid that everyone picked on in school. You donít want honest discussions or answers because they scare you.

The above isnít directed at anyone in particular. Just those that try and stifle open-mindedness.

SO. I asked a real simple question. And all anyone had to say was WE ALLOW PORN HERE AND DONíT LIKE YOU TO TALK EVEN THOUGH IT IS A FAMILY ORENTED SITE BECAUSE THATíS JUST THE WAY WE WANT IT. Thereís no reason to it, but there doesnít have to be.

EhÖwhatever. I grow tired.
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I believe I answered your 'good question' with a good question:

"What Porn?"

Alpha, When you want to ask a serious, 'hard', sportbike related question, ask away.
You dont seem to comprehend that this is a Private Forum and can be controlled in ANY WAY the administration sees fit. Apparently, the majority of the members like the format and appreciate the uniqueness of the site among its peers on the net, so the problem seems to be yours alone....

Until then, go enjoy your 'wonderful life' and quit caring about a forum that bugs you so much....
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Hey yep


Soon enough. Ill be gone. Yeah, donít weep that tear for me.

I see that I donít belong here.

But thereís a question I have to ask. One that I know I likely will never get an answer to.

There seems to be some underlying current here. I have gone back through all my posts and I cant find anything that was really that inflammatory to justify this places actions towards me. Other then maybe my comments about cops which I stand by.

Itís like there this thing thatís going on that I cant put my finger on. Something that causes people to do irrational things that may not be actually be irrational but seem to be because all the facts arenít divulged. Kind of like a government conspiracy theory.

I know! You are all terrorists and this website is a front for your communications. That HAS to be it.

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Re: Hey yep

Originally posted by Omnipresence
Kind of like a government conspiracy theory.

I know! You are all terrorists and this website is a front for your communications. That HAS to be it.

Damnit guys he found us out...close down the shop we're gonna have to find a new place to plan our overthrow of disneyworld
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Thumbs down Good, go. Won't miss ya'...

Omni, get a life dude! Your posts are pointless since you returned. SBW is mostly about helping people who ride. Since you've come back, what have you done but bitch and moan??? Go ahead and leave. I won't be missing that!
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You give yourself too much credit. Claiming to ask the hard questions that we're afraid to answer.... I know, you're really Barbara Walters (which of course means that you'll find some bullshit concept to harp on and blow completely out of proportion- oh wait, you already have). Damn, now SBW is going to get ripped on 20/20. Oh well

Don't try to keep up with my life, you'll only get hurt.

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Re: Hey yep

Originally posted by Omnipresence

Soon enough. Ill be gone. Yeah, donít weep that tear for me.

What tear? I couldn't care less what you post as long as you don't attack members personally and I don't even remember what it was you did in the past that pissed everyone off. I do remember that it wasn't just Mod/Admin you pissed off.

It is obvious you are just trying to stir up crap and for me to say that it must be fairly blatant. So far since you have returned you have posted absolutely nothing worth a damn IMO.

When the Admin asked you what porno did you answer? Apparently not based on what has been posted thus far. I don't know of anything on the board that I feel is porno and nudity does not constitute porno in my book.
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I am a firm believer in this philosophy when it comes to internet forums and communities.

If you don't like it, just leave.

Nobody is making you stay and post there. If you don't like the way that things are run, there's this wonderful thing that you can do, don't type into your web browser anymore.

If the administrators of a community run their site one way, that is the way that the site will be run, plain and simple. If they want to change the rules of their community, they can, plain and simple.

I for one have not been here for long, but the few questions that I've asked have been answered promptly and kindly by many others, including some of the mods/admins. I think they are doing a wonderful job of running the site, and I think that most of the members are very good guys/gals who are willing to help if you don't do something to piss them off to begin with. For the most part I just read the posts, I don't post alot, and I'm learning from what I'm reading. I also understand that the people here are good friends and just mess with each other alot.

Like I said though, if you don't like it, nobody makes you type and hit go on that browser.
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Sorry Omni,

There's only room for one troll here and that is I!

I guess it's my fault, I have hardened Robert to the point where has no tolerance for moronic posts.

So i guess If you look at the big picture, I am doing good for SBW
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