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Slavery lawsuit?

The dumb bitch you see in this picture below is filing a lawsuit against three major companies for compensation for what her ancestors were put through. What the hell does something that happened 200 years ago have to do with anything? Nobody owes this bitch a damn thing! I'm not racist but damn I've got to draw the line somewhere! The three companies are Aetna, CSX and I can't even remember the third one I'm so pissed. But some chickenshit judge will rule in her favor. Then I'll be getting sued because of what my ancestors did. I aint got shit to do with that. Damn! Ugly bitch aint she?
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We screwed the Indians and I feel they should recieve every break we can give them so I don't feel blacks should be treated any different.

I don't know all of the facts of this case, but If the companies made money off of her ancestors then I think she (and other decendants) do deserve something. Keep in mind this is only my opinion, and like I said I have not read all of the facts about the case.

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I agree with Robert, especially about Native American Indians. I am ashamed to be an American as far as our "conquest" of the Indians is concerned. Everything we did to them was dishonest and dastardly and inhumane.

There are a lot of things that have happened since Rosa Parks stayed in the front of that bus in the 1950',s especially during LBJ's term as president. We can not, however, repair all wrongs from the past in perpetuity, it has to be cut off and set within reasonable boundaries, like the first guy says, can I be responsible for something my ancestors I never even met did?

Still, we have to know this was coming. The jews sued insurance companies for not paying out monies that belonged to their relatives (WWII), and with the tobacco law suits going the way they are, someone had to reach for this eventually. However, in my opinion, if relief were granted, it would be limited, if not at trial then by the appeals process.

Without knowing more about the lawsuit I cannot really say the plaintiff is a "bitch", I think that is a bit harsh, even if the lawsuit was way off base. We don't know the lady.

Still, with the Indians, we have continually violated the very treaties we made with them, and we owe them big time for that alone, and since the violations are continuing I feel we can be made to pay for that.


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One thing that people don't seem to understand is that caucasian people (being Politically Correct here) were slaves WAY before African Americans were. I understand about taking land and giving back to American Indians. But I can not understand why only African Americans feel that they should be repaid for slavery. I don't see caucasian people demanding they get money for being slaves.

I don't mean to offend anyone as far as race goes with these comments.

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Did I say anything about Indians? Hmmm, let me see.

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correct me if I'm wrong

What happened to her ancestors was horrible. But what happened at the time was legal. Why would people at the present time pay for what is illegal now but was committed when it was legal.

Just my fuzzy logic.
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The pathetic thing here is that the people who will be stuck with footing this bill is John and Sue Q. puplic regardless of race. These are three large companies for sure, but none of them have the financial resources to come up with the kind of funds mentioned in the initial filing. There are still seven other companies that have yet to be named in the suit as well. There are a multitude of additional problems with this suit. For example CSX was not even a company until the mid 1980's. CSX effectively formed by a merger and was not even in existence when the supposed attrocites occured.

This suit was filed with the anticipation that the law will be disregarded and a verdict, or more likely an out of court settlement, will be reached that is based strictly on public opionion.

My ancestors came to this country in the early 1900's. We did not own slaves and my ancestors worked their assess off farming or becoming self-empoyed and I will be dammened if I feel like I owe anyone anything.

How about if she also files a suit against the true Africans (meaning the ones that were born there and still live there) who's tribes were the ones rounding up the slaves that were brought to America?

Can I go to Russia and file a lawsuit because my German ancestors from 10 generations ago might have been enslaved as a result of some conflict over the best hunting ground?

We have gone to great lenghts to compensate Native Americans. But at what point does handing out free lunches, cash, etc., to someone for the rest of their lives really help anyone regardless of race? Help them become educated and learn a trade or a skill..

Remember, you can give a man a fish and he will be fed for a day. Teach a man how to fish and he can be fed for life.
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Re: correct me if I'm wrong

Originally posted by slowrat
What happened to her ancestors was horrible. But what happened at the time was legal. Why would people at the present time pay for what is illegal now but was committed when it was legal.

Just my fuzzy logic.
Exactly! How long does modern society have to pay for the past?!? This lady 'feels the pains' of her ancestors slavery about as much as I 'reap the rewards' of their labors! Hell, I dont even know if my ancestors even owned slaves!

All I know is, Im getting pretty tired of being the 'majority??!!!' watching the 'Minority' (HAA HAA) get every break imaginable! Hell, I would love to be a black woman these days; I would have the world at my feet and not have to do a damn thing to deserve it...
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Indians should be compensated.
African Americans should not be. Whites, chinese, indians ..ect.. have all been slaves. It sucks. Get over it.

The only reason these cases go through is because 1 million africans will protest and a racial war will break out if it's not taken seriously...

~Ted Nugent
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Only thing this money hungry bleeding heart should get is a big piece of govt. cheese. What a bunch of sh!t.......

I hope I don't get sued for what my ancestors did......I'd probably be tried for crimes against humanity......


Everyone wants a fVckin handout these days.......and our bullsh!t courts is the easiest way to get it. It would be another sad day in amerika if she wins this case.

You know, I just thought of something, I'm gonna sue yamaha for me getting into that accident, That old lady didn't see me coming, probably cause my bike wasn't painted with a bright color. Then I'm going to sue her Eyedoctor cause he didn't make her see well enough......why didn't I think of this sooner.......I'm gonna be rich!!!!!!

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