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Post last summer i saw an accident

yes i did. it was terribly sobering..... while trying not to be as graphic as what i saw i will try to give you an idea what happened. i was in kelowna bc canada on a ride and came across an accident...... a bad one.... i saw a tandem gravel truck parked in the middle of the road at an obscure angle and wonered what was up. so i pulled over..... turns out there was a bike under the tandem gravel trailer a katana 600 pre 95 i figured.
how it happend: the gravel truck was waiting to turn left across traffic in the turning lane. the bike turned right onto the road a short block ahead of the gravel truck (so now they r facin each other bike westbound in curb lane (3 westbound lanes) well off the turn the bike gunned it and he musta been lookin down at his guages because the gravel truck had his opuortunity to turn at the same time the bike pulled onto the road. well long story short there was about a 25 foot skidmark from the bike which lowsided UNDER the gravel truck and the rider used his face/head to absorb the impact of hitting the tires on the trailer his helmet was broke all to hell he lost some teeth (i saw 2 on the ground) and it took 2 tow trucks to get the bike out from under the trailer. the rider wound up with a broken arm some dental work required and a few broken ribs but he lived.

now what i surmise from the police officer i talked to who was also a rider told me was the kid after his turn gunned it and was looking at his guages (possibly watching his rpm or how fast he could accelerate) and when he looked up grabbed a sh*tload of brakes but was already too late.
just thought i would share this in hopes that any newbies that think ya cant get yerself in trouble on a 600......well........ you could be DEAD wrong.
while the rider that was carted off in the ambulance didnt die he was very lucky.
Keep focused on the dangers all around you NEVER assume ANYTHING.
i once heard a saying in a movie........Assumption is the mother of all fu*k-ups!

this is what i saw my first summer riding street and its very scary to see that. Please all riders out there stay safe !!
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Never assume anything? I'm always assuming.

I assume EVERY car up ahead is about to pull out in front of me.

I assume that car to my side does not know I'm here, and find a better road position.

You always got to assume things, and be able to predict what the other driver would do, especially if you were invisible.

Over time, I've had many instances to remind me of this, locking up the rear tire braking, and sliding towards a car who pulled out RIGHT in front of you sure does give a reality check. Assume everything.
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Talking hey smartass lol

what i mean is dont assume that someone sees u or that they know what they are doin or what you are going to do. and i am referring to cagers and riders alike It seems to me that 90% of the general driving public has their head firmly up their asses and either dont care what is around them or are completely oblivious.
What color is the sky in their world??

So DONT assume anything EXPECT IT!

as新ume [ sm ] (past as新umed, past participle as新umed, present participle as新um搏ng, 3rd person present singular as新umes) transitive verb

1. suppose: to think that something is true even though you have no evidence for it Don't assume that all has been revealed.

2. take responsibility for something: to start being responsible for something She assumed all of her brother's debts when he died.

3. adopt something: to adopt or take on something The task facing them assumed Herculean proportions.

4. take on role: to take on a particular role or function assume a new role as sales director

5. pretend something: to put on a pretense of something, usually in order to hide your true feelings He assumed an air of indifference.

ex搆ect [ik sp幧t ] (past ex搆ect搪d, past participle ex搆ect搪d, present participle ex搆ect搏ng, 3rd person present singular ex搆ects) verb

1. transitive and intransitive verb confidently believe: to believe with confidence, or think it likely, that an event will happen in the future A few setbacks along the way were only to be expected.

2. transitive verb wait for an anticipated thing: to wait for, or look forward to, something that you believe is going to happen or arrive I'm expecting a visit from them any day now.

3. transitive verb demand something as a right or duty: to demand or anticipate receiving something because of a perceived right to it or because it is somebody's duty to give it They expect you to abide by their rules.

4. transitive and intransitive verb be going to have a baby: to be pregnant with or look forward to the birth of a child (informal) (used only in progressive tenses) She is expecting her third in July.

Once again Assumtion is the mother of all F*ck-ups!
Dont Assume, EXPECT IT! Only then will you be prepared, and change favors the prepared mind.
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I'm still going to assume!!!
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