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Re: Re: Re: Comfortable tourer / cruiser

Originally posted by BamBam
ha ha . . . if I was going to be getting this as my only bike, I'd be looking HARD at that option!!! What a beauty. What are your impressions of it?
Well, simply put, I'm not worthy.

Plus side:
+ Great power, like I need that (I'm currently at about 100 rear-wheel hp, measured on an eddy-current dyno )
+ Very stable, wet/dry/fast/slow/etc.
+ Flame Red, nuff said.
+ Stock seat considered one of the best in the industry, for the pillion, too (hint, hint).
+ Substantial discounts available, as far as I can tell.

- Small dealer network
- sewing machine sound (rectified by baffle-less Staintunes; I'm happy ).
- Very little aftermarket stuff available.
- Spend a lot of time answering questions about the bike at hangouts; but you're probably used to that already

I'm not a very experienced rider, but I can't imagine having another bike.
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