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I notified the local police so if anything happens, or if anyone is seen [email protected] with it hopefully they'll stop them cause they know it aint the owner or I'll just get the call telling me that my bike is gone. If anything does happen to it I will take it straight to the dealer and have them fix or replace it. I do have theft insurance on it so I won't be out of the full $6,000. Plus I would get the list price of $6,999 from the insurance so it will cover my costs.

I know its something electrical. Maybe just a wire exposed that is touching something that it shouldn't or just some wire burned out that isn't easily seen. I replaced some fuses but they blew too so I know its not a simple fuse swap that will fix it.

Either way I loved the hour I did spend with it. Hopefully on thursday I can take it out and put 100 miles on her before the weekend.
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