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theres the whole IBA thing and then there are some smaller clubs that do high speed open road St'ing, I more prefer getting somewhere without too many speeding tickets and avoiding the bad times of day through cities and towns, and taking decent sized stops at interesting places,

there are some towns though that I consider a long stopover at enough time to top up the tank, and it sucks that in the US there are so many speedtraps because at 120 you make much better time than at 60-70, which I found out on my trip to and from NewFoundland where from the Maine border to the top of NF I didn't see a single speedtrap, where in New England I saw one about every twenty minutes.

I'd say 600 mile days are enough for leaving some non riding time and leaves only one stop during riding to fill up the tank on my ST1100, although there are those places where there is nothing to do but put in that extra tank and hope you can find an OK place to rest for the night,

One of these days I would like to try the NY to SF coast to coast run, but I think I will need to have some modifications done first
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