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It looks like it could be a promising bike, but there are some things that weren't done that would have made it an improvement over the current model, a sixth gear would be nice for the highway, the Concours has one and I don't care if it doesn't need it, but I would like to have the rpm's low on the highway when I am cruising, I can always downshift once or twice to pass, also they lowered the gearing a bit so the ST1100 will have lower cruising rpm's than the 1300, which seems a bit backwards seeing as they added displacement so it should be able to pull taller gearing, they also raised the compression which isn't in itself bad but it means that you should use premium gas, even though they say the knock sensor should help if you are forced to use 87, and it could have lost alot more weight,

are the models in the showrooms fitted with stereos? that is one thing I would like to have on my bike,
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